The Rebel Federation…
…Home to over 2,000 members and seven gaming teams…
…How did an organization like this grow to become so badass…?
…Keep reading to find out.

(Spoiler alert: we started on Club Penguin).

Table of Contents

  • Prequel: Where it All Started (2005-2007)
  • The ????????? (2007-2008)
  • The ???????? (2008-2013)
  • The ?????? (2013-2017)
  • The ????????? (2017-2018)
  • The ?????? (2019-Present)



Yes, you heard correctly: we started on Club Penguin. We don’t want to play that game where we’ve been married for five years and then all of a sudden we drop this earth-shattering news that completely changes how you view us.

But seriously, in 2005-07, where else can you go? Seriously, think of other popular MMORPGs that were around in that time period. RuneScape? Webkinz? NeoPets? Poptropica? No, everybody played Club Penguin. That’s what we did as kids back in that time period… for those of us who were kids fortunate enough to have parents with home desktops running Windows XP with guest accounts for their children, at least.

It was a quaint little game. Starting out, you pick a name and a color and you’re dropped into the world of Club Penguin. In the game, you can play minigames to earn “coins”, an in-game currency which allows you to purchase items in the many catalogs and shops in rooms spread across the island.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Of course, it’s going to be fun for a solid hour or so. But after that, you run out of things to do. The game dissipates down to nothing more than a virtual world where you can do nothing more than its slogan advertises: “waddle around, and meet new friends”. Beyond that, it’s boring. The clothing items lose their novelty, the playerbase loses its appeal, and suddenly it’s no different from any other game.

The game, over several hours of playtime, became worn down to nothing more than an interactive three-dimensional plane with a toolbar. However, the game developers (shoutout to RocketSnail Gamesleft us a saving grace: the snowball feature, a button on the toolbar that, when clicked, would turn your mouse into a crosshair and throw a snowball when clicked. Penguins began to organize by colors, throwing snowballs at each other on opposing sides of a room. Club Penguin embraced the snowball fights, adding a room outside of the Ice Rink called the Snow Forts. Eventually, these snowball wars grew to such astronomical popularity that Club Penguin embraced it themselves, holding a “Red vs. Blue Party” (Team Red and Team Blue were the largest of the two teams). The event would come to be known throughout the Club Penguin community as World War I, or “the Color Wars”.

As clothing items became more common throughout the Club Penguin world, the teams began to evolve into clans centered around items rather than a color. Clans such as the Romans and the Vikings arose, centered around the Roman and Viking Helmets, respectively. Others clans such as the Agents and the Pirates also began to form, taking using entire outfits for recognition rather than a specific item. At around this same time, Miniclip began hosting Club Penguin on their website, and a forum was dedicated to the game known as the Miniclip Club Penguin Forums (MCCP). Players began to use this forum for better communication across the game, and Vital Viper (MCCP Forum President) declared the server Mammoth as the “Forum Server”, making it the island’s unofficial hotspot.

Then, someone by the name of Oagalthorp took it to a new level. Creating a thread in the “Clubs & Teams” section of the forum titled “ACP: Army of Club Penguin”, he outlined a specific system that his new team would have. Referring to itself not as a clan, but as an army, his army would have a uniform composed of very specific items, and an actual ranking system consisting of leaders, co-leaders, officers, and members (versus a clan’s typical ranks, which were just members and a leader). One clan, in particular, the Romans, organized as an army after being inspired by the Army of Club Penguin. Shortly thereafter, they declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. The war lasted months, but eventually, the Army of Club Penguin would come out victorious in what would be known as World War II, or “the Clan Wars”.

Oagalthorp had proven that a well-structured army had a greater advantage in battle than unorganized clans did. The clans that didn’t convert into armies quickly faded away, and with the Clan Wars over, new armies were on the rise. One army, in particular, was the Underground Mafias Army (UMA), led by a well-known user named Pink Mafias. He was known for blogging about hacking tutorials relating to Club Penguin, and he had been using this blog to recruit people into his army. Oagalthorp saw the activities as harmful to the Club Penguin community and declared war. However this time, he wasn’t as lucky. The UMA had a significant size advantage, and Oagalthorp was running out of options.

However, Pink Mafias ignored a vital flaw in his defense.

Within his own army, one of his high-ranking officers was planning to break away from the army. Commando717, the leader of the UMA’s Red Division, had garnered interest in the propaganda that Oagalthorp had been spreading. On May 8th, 2007, the Red Division broke away from the Underground Mafias, and the Rebel Penguin Federation was born.