An Update (and Explanation) of the Community Ranks

We’re three weeks into the launch of the Rebel Federation, and still, nobody really understands the Community Ranks, so let me break them down and include a slight update to them (updates will be in RED).

There are three types of Community Ranks in the Rebel Federation:

  • Division Ranks
  • Member Ratings
  • Staff Levels

Division Ranks

Divisions are given the freedom to create a ranking system that is unique to what they need to perform successfully on their specific game. Each division’s ranking system is divided into four categories: Leader, Co-Leader, Officer, and Member. Within these four categories, they are granted the freedom to expand their ranks as much as they would like.

  • Division Leaders are the heads of their respective divisions. They are responsible for organizing their division as a whole, distributing Rebel Credits within their division, scheduling and coordinating events/campaigns for their division, and organizing the subsequent ranking systems.
  • Division Co-Leaders serve as assistants to the Division Leaders. They are granted with similar permissions to the Division Leaders, however, they will typically need to seek permission from their Division Leader prior to performing any executive actions.
  • Division Officers are the next in line, who are typically elevated Division Members. They ensure that the Division Members are receiving satisfactory performance, and are responsible for moderating their divisions, whereas the Leaders and Co-Leaders are responsible for managing their divisions.
  • Division Members are just your average, every-day members. They have no special permissions, their only job is to have fun in their divisions.

* Note: Clans differ from Divisions in the sense that Clans are only granted Leader and Member categories, and are not allowed to expand outside of those two ranks. Everything listed for Division Leaders and Division Members applies to Clan Leaders and Clan Members, respectively.

Member Ratings

Member Ratings are the overall progress made in the Rebel Federation and are determined by the number of Rebel Credits a user has. Everyone in the Rebel Federation receives a Member Rating, and there are no special permissions granted as your Member Rating increases (except for your clout, but if you have AirPods that will also suffice). Member Ratings are not tied to your Division Rank in any way outside of Rebel Credit rewards.

The names of the Member Ratings are being changed, and I believe the best way to understand this is through a table. (Note: Seeing as we switched WordPress editors a while back, I can’t actually add tables to posts anymore, so… here’s my makeshift ASCII Table 😅).

|         OLD NAME         |     NEW NAME     |   REBEL CREDITS   |
| Recruit                  | Newbie           |       0 ------ 99 |
| Rookie                   | Rookie I         |     100 ----- 499 |
| Member                   | Rookie II        |     500 --- 3,999 |
| Fireteam Member          | Rookie III       |   4,000 --- 7,999 |
| Fireteam Member Grade II | Member I         |   8,000 -- 15,999 |
| Officer Cadet            | Member II        |  16,000 -- 25,999 |
| Officer Cadet Grade II   | Member III       |  26,000 -- 39,999 |
| Rebel Lieutenant         | Elite Member I   |  40,000 -- 59,999 |
| Commander                | Elite Member II  |  60,000 -- 99,999 |
| Commander Grade II       | Elite Member III | 100,000 - 249,000 |
| Federation Commander     | Legendary Member | 250,000 - XXXXXXX |

Staff Levels

Your Staff Level is the authority that you have in the Rebel Federation as a whole. They are broken up into three categories: the Administration Team, the Management Team, and the Moderation Team. While your Division Rank and Member Rating do not directly correlate to your Staff Level in any way, they do increase the chances of you becoming a staff member in different ways. Those with higher Member Ratings will be more likely to be recognized and considered for staff. Likewise, Division Officers and Division Leaders are more likely to be considered for the Moderation and Management Teams, respectively.

  • The Administration Team is responsible for overseeing the Rebel Federation as a whole and ensuring that it is headed in the right direction. The Administration Team is composed of the Administrator and the Advisory Board, with the Chairman acting as the Head thereof.
    • Administrator  — The top of the hierarchy. Ensures that every subsequent staff member is doing their job and that each division is operating in optimal performance so that the Rebel Federation remains successful. The Administrator is responsible for promoting members to Staff Level.
    • Advisory Board — Advisors to the Administrator. Offer advice and feedback on the decisions being made by the Administrator to help ensure the Rebel Federation is operating most successfully and headed in the right direction. The Advisory Board is headed by the Chairman, who holds the authority to remove the Administrator if need be.
  • The Management Team is responsible for overseeing the divisions they are subscribed to helping the Administration Team carry out their goal, as well as ensuring that the Moderation Team are performing optimally. It is composed of Directors and Managers.
    • Director — Typically Division Leaders, Directors handle higher-level management issues and are the last level of authority before the Administrator. They are Authors on the Rebel Federation website and hold the authority to kick, ban, mute, manage messages, manage roles, and manage channels on the Discord server.
    • Manager — Typically Division Co-Leaders or Clan Leaders, Managers act as second-in-command to the Directors. They hold relatively the same website and Discord permissions as Directors.
  • The Moderation Team is responsible for ensuring that the Community Guidelines are the Rebel Federation are being upheld to their fullest extent. The Moderation Team is composed of Supervisors, Moderators, and Mediators.
    • Supervisor — Senior Moderators who are typically in training to join the Management Team. They are contributors on the Rebel Federation website and have the authority to kick, ban, mute, manage messages, and manage roles on the Discord server.
    • Moderator — Moderators are the primary role in the Moderation Team. They have the authority to kick, mute, and manage messages on the Discord Server.
    • Mediator — The lowest Staff Level. Mediators are typically members who have just been promoted into Staff. They hold the authority to manage messages and read/send messages in the Moderation Team channel, but that’s about it.

I know this is a lot to digest, but trust me, it’s less confusing once you understand it. Thank you all for being so supportive and sticking through while we go through these rapid changes.

Fight the good fight!

–Twitchy543, RF Administrator


My name is Twitchy and I've been fighting the good fight since 2013. I like it when people boost my ego and if they don't I do it myself. I joined Club Penguin armies in 2008 and the RPF (now CPDIV) in 2013. I have led it five times since then. I am now an Administrator of RF. Just in case you needed some ideas.

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