Gaming Column: A New Adventure Awaits in Pokémon!

Guess what? A new Pokemon game is on way, introducing a new journey for new trainers, along with more new Pokemon to be discovered!

In the new Pokemon direct, what’s shown is a new area known as the Galar region filled with expansive locations. And, it seems that Nintendo will refer “Gym Leaders” as “Gym Masters” as a new sort of element to the game.

Image result for pokemon galar region

With each Pokemon game, there are 3 starter Pokemon to choose from to progress and help you on your journey, each with a different type, traditionally being: grass, fire, and water. These are the Gen 8 starters:

Image result for pokemon sword and shield starter pokemon

Now, what might be the name of the next entry to the Pokemon franchise, you may ask?

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The game will release worldwide in late 2019, and as time approaches that moment, more information and announcements are expected to be made throughout the year–in E3 and other Directs.

We look forward to seeing what brand new adventure awaits in the Galar region!

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  1. Chaos says:

    Im hoping for an Aegislash subplot.


  2. MissMariss says:

    i wonder if my sibling will play this

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