Gaming: Nintendo’s Ever-Growing Friendship with Microsoft

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With the recent announcement of Cuphead coming to the Switch along with Xbox Live, it seems there is no end in sight to the Nintendo-Microsoft partnership. The two gaming companies are teaming up in their development of games and many are looking forward to what’s in store.

What are the odds of a partnered console or what were originally first-party installments becoming a game in both consoles? A Minecraft cross-play trailer showed the link between Xbox and Nintendo Switch users, and now people are looking forward to more overlaps between Microsoft and Nintendo.

Perhaps this is the start of something new and beautiful.

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  1. Reyder says:

    Now, Junie, I know you put thought into this post, but clearly not enough. Let’s break this down shall we?

    So the first thing I see here that made me comment was insinuating “first party installments” (I took this as games that are basically a staple of their respective consoles, Xbox + Halo, Nintendo + Mario, you get the gist) would or could become cross-platform (in the sense they could span over to one another.) This, in my eyes, is the largest fault you have. Why would Microsoft trade an incentive to buy their console and their company’s profit so that they could have Mario… which the Nintendo Switch or next Nintendo Console would have both of as well. It wouldn’t matter the game, it would be a waste as they would lose a piece of their brand that made them different, and it would become a choice of which console costs less rather than which console you prefer more (unless you’re a PS/PC gamer)

    However, and yes there is a however, there is something else we can put into play here, which you yourself stated. It’s obviously the, “Well, if such and such or so and so is so great and won’t cross-platform exclusive content, why is Minecraft doing it?” And the answer to that is Microsoft **owns** Minecraft. They will receive a profit 100% for their company no matter where they push their product. It’s like selling Windows to PC builders – the hardware don’t matter, you’re buying from Microsoft to better use your machine for what it was intended to do – whether it’s run windows and basic tasks or have fun. (A second argument I had was with MC being across platform already with PC and PE, but I didn’t want to drag on and on)

    When it comes down to it, I won’t deny that there are prospects for a crossover Microsoft Nintendo relationship, but take things with a grain of salt, because even if it works there can still be some rocky times.

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