Insurgent #10

The Insurgent Newspaper is a Rebel News Media publication posted weekly, bringing you some of the best columns from the RNM. Continue reading to see content from the Art, Facts, People, Polls, and Stories columns!


Every week the Art Column chooses a piece of art from the art channel in the RF Discord server to feature here!

This week’s featured art is, again, from DJCrystal! This masterpiece is digital art of a mouse from the game, Transformice. Rebel Federation has a TFM Clan that is going strong, and is led by DJCrystal. Be sure to send any of your work in #art, and congratulate DJCrystal!



The People column publishes interviews with RF staff and members weekly. This week we interviewed RPF Head General, Trackling.

RNM: Hello Trackling, and welcome to the Rebel News Interviews! Let’s get right into it – what was it like working your way up through the ranks as a troop?

Trackling: It’s quite a journey, you may make mistakes but don’t let them hold you back. It has it’s ups and downs, but there are more ups than downs!

RNM: What are some of the great parts?

Trackling: Whenever I feel down, the Rebel Federation is always there to cheer me up and I have tons of fun during events!

RNM: That’s wonderful! Moving on to your position, how has your time as a member of HCoM been so far?

Trackling: It’s been awesome! The staff are really kind and encouraging. I recently led a CPR event solo, which was both nerve-wrecking and amazing.

RNM: Congratulations! That must have been difficult. How was your first event, by the way? How did it go, what did you do, etc.?

Trackling: Thank you! You just need to monitor what the HCom does while leading, lucky for me I’ve had over a year to do that and I’ve picked up on a lot of details. My memory isn’t that great but I’m sure we maxed at least 35+ during that event. A great tip is to make a note of when room changes would take place and some word tactics beforehand.

RNM: Thanks for all the pointers! I could definitely use them. For our last question, I would like to ask – you’ve recently been given the honor of rebel status in the hall of fame, how do you plan to reach even higher levels?

Trackling: I’m still in awe that I actually received Rebel status, but I feel extremely honored! Well, the definition of a Hero is defined as someone who helps RF stay successful for years to come and secure countless victories. I plan on doing just that.

RNM: It’s great to see your aspirations, and I wouldn’t count you out of the race for the award in the future! Thank you for letting me interview you today, Track!

That concludes the interview with Trackling – thanks to Brownboy for interviewing him.


There are vacancies in the MineCraft interviewing team, make sure you DM Brownboy102 on discord to be a part of RNM!


This week’s five fun facts are:

1. For a few months, until they grow out of it, babies have the ability to breathe and swallow at the same time. (Provided by Mr. Ribcage).

2.Bulls don’t actually get mad at the color red, because they are colorblind. (Provided by CuriousKitty).

3. A can of Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse. (Provided by Lucy).

4. For a brief time, Melbourne had the best name on the planet: Batmania. (Provided by Lucy).

5. T-shirts were originally marketed to unmarried men who didn’t know how to sew buttons back on collared shirts by themselves. (Provided by Lucy).



The weekly poll this edition is:

The poll last week was: What is your favorite board game? Here are the results:

46.7% voted for Uno, 26.7% voted for Monopoly, 13.3% voted for Risk, 6.7% voted for Sorry, and 6.7% voted for Chess. Which makes Uno the winner of last week’s poll!


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