Insurgent Magazine #4

The Insurgent Newspaper is a Rebel News Media publication posted weekly, bringing you some of the best columns from the RNM. Continue reading to see content from the Art, Facts, People, Polls, and Stories columns!


Every week the Art Column chooses a piece of art from the art channel in the RF Discord server to feature here!

This 9th featured artist is Orange37408! Here is his amazing Sharpie drawing of a penguin in RF uniform:


The Stories column will release prompts as a writing contest. The winner will be featured in the Insurgent Newspaper! The following prompt gives you the plot of the story you need to follow.

The prompt: Write a paragraph beginning a story about a time traveller who accidentally travels back in time to a historical event and cannot return.

To enter please DM either Cassie or Queenieliz your entry. Entries close at 8pm GMT on the 19th of March. Good luck!


The People column publishes interviews with RF staff and members weekly. This week, JT was interviewed!

RNM: Hello JT, thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview with you. Our first question is: how has your overall experience in RF been, and how long have you been in it?

JT: My experience in RF has been amazing! I’ve met so many new friends and I have been here for five months now.

RNM: That’s great! I hope you keep getting to live that amazing experience! So I know you just started the Brawl Stars Clan, how has it been doing?

JT: The Brawl Stars Clan has been growing in size, and I am happy with its progress! We’ll be having our first event very soon.

RNM: That’s really cool! So I don’t really know anything about Brawl Stars, and for people that might want to be joining but are on the fence, what kind of stuff are you looking to do for the events? What kind of events would you do, and anything else that might be going on?

JT: Some events I have in mind are tournaments. We will have a can-wide bracket-style tournament, and there could be rebel credits as an incentive! The clan is also very active and you will always have somebody to play Brawl Stars with.

RNM: That sounds really fun! Is there anything else you might have in store for the clan that we haven’t talked about yet?

JT: Another idea for an event that could happen is an event where more experienced players play with less experienced players to help them level up. This will make the game a lot more fun for new players!

RNM: That sounds like a great idea! Final question, do you think the clan would ever grow big enough to become a division? Do you get a lot of recruits from Brawl Stars?

JT: Though the clan is still smaller than other clans in RF, I think the Brawl Stars Clan could have the opportunity to become a division. I have no made much effort so far to get recruits from Brawl Stars, but I think that there is an opportunity to get a TON of recruits.

RNM: Yes absolutely! Thank you for letting me interview you today.

JT: No problem! I’m excited to see this clan grow!

That concludes the interview with JT – thanks to Kiki for interviewing him!


This week’s Five Facts are…

1. There is only one letter that isn’t in any US State name, the letter Q. (Provided by Aisha).

2. All swans in England belong to the Queen. (Provided by Coolguy).

3. Termites eat wood twice as fast when they listen to rock music. (Provided by Lucy).

4. The closest living relative to the T.Rex is the chicken. (Provided by Lucy).

5. The Vikings had rap battles, it was called “flyting.” (Provided by Lucy).


The weekly poll this edition is:

The poll last week was: What is your favourite sports brand? Here are the results.

61.9% voted for Nike, 28.57% voted for Adidas, 9.52% voted for Rebook and nobody voted for either Puma nor Under Armour, making Nike the winner of last week’s poll!

Thanks for reading our fourth instalment of Insurgent Magazine! To learn more about RNM, click here!

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