Insurgent Magazine #5

The Insurgent Newspaper is a Rebel News Media publication posted weekly, bringing you some of the best columns from the RNM. Continue reading to see content from the Art, Facts, People, Polls, and Stories columns!


Every week the Art Column chooses a piece of art from the art channel in the RF Discord server to feature here!

This week’s feature art is from DJCrystal! This masterpiece was posted on March 7th. This digital art drawing depicts none other than our Administrator, Twitchy, with his RF Uniform and flag! Although it’s still a work in progress, this sketch is amazing. Be sure to send any of your work in #art!



The Stories column will release prompts as a writing contest. The winner will be featured in the Insurgent Newspaper! The following prompt gives you the plot of the story you need to follow.

The prompt: Write a paragraph beginning a story about a time traveller who accidentally travels back in time to a historical event and cannot return.

To enter please DM either Cassie or Queenieliz your entry. Entries close at 8pm GMT on the 19th of March. Good luck!


The People column publishes interviews with RF staff and members weekly. This week, DJCrystal was interviewed!

RNM: Hello DJCrystal, nice to have you here today for this interview! I’ll get us started simply – how has being in RF been for you lately?

DJCrystal: It’s been pretty good! Chatting with my pals, taking part in events, pretty awesome!

RNM: Good to hear! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. I know you started the Transformice clan, so I’d like to hear it personally from you – how has the Transformice clan been so far?

DJCrystal: It started off kinda cruddy at first, but now we’re gaining more and more members and having fun events like football! Overall, we’re doing much better than I hoped.

RNM: That’s great! I’m glad to hear things are improving so far. Is there anything you have in store for the clan itself that you’d like to talk about?

DJCrystal: I’m currently making adjustments to the event times so more troops can attend. I’m planning on hosting contests for prizes like cheese coins. If we get more members, I’ll start hosting harder competitions like fashion shows for prizes like furs and such!

RNM: Sounds like a lot of fun! Is there any special things you do now you want to tell us about?

DJCrystal: Well, high school and college is one thing I’ve been working on. I’ve reached that time where I have to stop laying in bed all day and join the wonderful world of adulthood!  I’m working on applying for free college and such. I’m planning to become a computer scientist and a web/graphic designer, so I gotta work work work!

RNM: That’s wonderful! I wish you good luck! I’ve one final question for you – what do you expect for your clan going further?

DJCrystal: I’m expecting for my clan to have lots of active members whether they’re attending events, or just chilling on chat. I would like to see 20-30 at our Transformice events and maybe even become a division if we have enough members! I want the Transformice recruits to feel at home when they join the RF, Like I did when I joined

RNM: That’s really great to hear. You sound like a great leader with a healthy amount of optimism, and I like it! Thank you for this interview today!

DJCrystal: Thank you! And you’re welcome!

That concludes the interview with DJ Crystal – thanks to Brownboy for interviewing her!


This week’s Five Fun Facts are…

1. There is a bacteria called halomonas titanicae that appear as rusticles on the Titanic, and eat away the iron, the Titanic will be gone in 20-30 years due to this bacteria. (Provided by Kiki)

2. In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital fired some workers for betting on when patients would die. (Provided by Coolguy)

3. Scotland has 421 words for snow. (Provided by Aisha)

4. Americans die from more dog attacks every day than they do from sharks every year. (Provided by Mr. Ribcage)

5. The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly because “It gets too vicious.” (Provided by Lucy).


The weekly poll this edition is:

The poll last week was: What is your favorite Nintendo Game? Here are the results.

44.4% voted for Super Smash Bros, 27.8% voted for Mario Kart, 16.7% voted for Animal Crossing, 11.1% voted for New Super Mario Bros, and nobody voted for Legends of Zelda, making Super Smash Bros the winner of last week’s poll!

Thanks for reading our fifth installment of Insurgent Magazine! To learn more about RNM, click here!

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