Insurgent Magazine #7

The Insurgent Newspaper is a Rebel News Media publication posted weekly, bringing you some of the best columns from the RNM. Continue reading to see content from the Art, Facts, People, Polls, and Stories columns!


Every week the Art Column chooses a piece of art from the art channel in the RF Discord server to feature here!

This week’s featured artwork is from DJCrystal! This masterpiece was posted on March 21st. This digital drawing depicts a fiery black tiger, with red accents! Although it is not complete, DJCrystal is putting this work on hold for a bit. Her work in progress is still amazing! Be sure to send any of your work in #art, and congratulate DJCrystal!


The Stories column will release prompts as a writing contest. The winner will be featured in the Insurgent Newspaper and receive a Tatsumaki Credit prize! The following prompt gives you the plot of the story you need to follow. The winner will be announced in two weeks time so be sure to hand your entries to Cassie or Queenieliz.

The prompt: Write a story about a secret agent whose identity is exposed by their enemies.


The People column publishes interviews with RF staff and members weekly. This week our current Rebel Commander Queenieliz was interviewed.

RNM: Hello Liz, thank you for accepting my invitation for an interview today! I’ll get this started quickly – how has your tenure as Rebel Commander been so far?

Queenieliz: It’s been good so far, obviously a lot has happened with the move to the new server which required a lot of setting up and organisation. However, I believe we’re thriving and doing the best we’ve done in a long time which means all our hard work is finally paying off.

RNM: That’s great to hear! It’s been great to see the server take off like it has. Is there anything that has gone particularly well for you so far, in terms of your position as Rebel Commander?

Queenieliz: For me personally? Well I think just being Rebel Commander was a huge step up, it’s what I aimed for for a long time, but you never know if you’ll ever reach it. I think the main difficulty was obviously standing alongside Silv, he’s a legend with plenty of experience in leading the RF whereas Cosmo and I are pretty new to the game. Although I think I’ve finally found my feet as a leader, the pivotal moment for me really was when I led solo in the battle against EGCP and it was an amazing event. I was so elated and proud of everyone, words cannot describe it really.

RNM: Yeah! I was at the event, it was a triumphant victory, and it was really great to see you take off like that. What kind of things were you thinking about when you lead that battle, and how did you feel?

Queenieliz: Thank you! Well I think the main thing is to be mindful of the other team. Take note of when they’re doing tactics, make sure you have a defense against that. I was definitely panicking a little, especially as there were no room changes which meant my usual creativity with formations was limited and I found myself worrying about how to switch it up. There were also the tactics, with normal events we have our main go-tos but I needed to do some offense so was trying to think of counter-tactics against EGCP. Honestly the entire time I was nervous, but the nerves definitely eased with each perfected tactic and formation. I mean it really helps that we have such a great army with troops that listen so well. The fact they all really listened to me and paid attention made me have a lot more confidence in myself as a leader too.

RNM: It’s great to hear that our Rebel Commander has so much faith in us! Seeing as, as of now, we don’t have very much competition, in your eyes, do you see the Club Penguin Army scene growing larger and more competitive?

Queenieliz: I definitely think that with the new CPA server that more armies will emerge, I mean I still see the odd tuba every now and then so who knows what armies will revive. I think RF have ultimately thrived because we’ve learnt to adapt to Discord from Xat and to CPPSes from CP. The leaders that carried us across learnt early on how the then RPF needed to adapt in order to survive. I think once other armies manage to adapt to include a mixture of old CPA with the new advancements that Discord and CPPSes hold that we’ll see a lot of other armies appear. Though I want to see other armies thrive, I obviously still want RF to stay at the top because I definitely think we deserve our place there.

RNM: Yeah, definitely – we’ve already proven ourselves to be the best, based purely on our will and survival. For our final question, I’m going to ask: what do you personally believe you can/want to achieve as Rebel Commander, now that you’re on the top?

Queenieliz: Personally, I’d like to help be the driving force behind another Golden Age. Hopefully alongside Silv and Cosmo we can push RF to the numbers of 100+ at events. We’ve done it before, we can definitely do it again. This era of amazing troops whom many of which have stuck by us throughout every single change that’s gone on over the past year deserve to relive the Golden Era and be reminded just why they’re here: because we’re an amazing community of people and the best army Club Penguin and Club Penguin Private Servers have ever seen. FTGF!

RNM: Thank you, Liz, for your interview! Have a good night.

Queenieliz: You too!

That concludes the interview with Queenieliz – thanks to Brownboy for interviewing her!


This week’s Five Fun Facts are…

1. The Olive trees of Vouves can live up to 2000 years! (Provided by Mr. Ribcage)

2 .The voice of Mickey Mouse and the voice of Minnie Mouse got married IRL. (Provided by Lucy)

3. Movies have to clarify that they’re fiction because of a 1930s lawsuit that traces back to none other than Rasputin. (Provided by Lucy)

4. Canadians say “sorry” so much that The Apology Act was passed in 2009, declaring that an apology can’t be used as evidence of admission of guilt. (Provided by Lucy).

5. In Queensland, Australia, it’s illegal to own a pet rabbit unless you’re a magician. (Provided by Lucy)


The weekly poll this edition is:

The poll last week was: What is your favorite 2000’s movie? Here are the results.

34.6% voted for Shrek, 26.9% voted for Ratatouille, 15.4% voted for Monsters Inc, 15.4% voted for Up, and 7.7% for Finding Nemo, making Shrek the winner of last week’s poll!

Thanks for reading our seventh installment of Insurgent Magazine! To learn more about RNM, click here!

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