Introducing: Clans!

This is something I’ve wanted to do since opening the Rebel Federation—and I mean the original Rebel Federation back in July 2017. However, I was never quite sure how to approach doing so given the structure and lack of support that we had. Now I do.

What are they?

They’re groups of people playing a game together.

But aren’t those just divisions?

They’re similar to divisions, but not quite. If someone wants to start a group for a game within the Rebel Federation, they will now begin as clans instead of divisions. Clans are smaller than divisions and require less organization. Allow me to chart out the differences to give you the best understanding here.

StructureLeaders and MembersLeaders, Co-leaders (optional), Officers, and Members
Website?NoSubdomain on
Discord2-3 channels maximumSeparate category for channels, no cap on channel amount
Member Cap?Sometimes (depending on the clan)No
Leader RoleManagerDirector
Credit AllocationsClans do not get Rebel Credits.Divisions are granted with their own bank account which holds 24,000 Rebel Credits.
Event Type/FrequencyDetermined by Clan LeaderDetermined by Division Leader

If you have any questions about this new implementation, feel free to comment or DM an Administrator (currently that’s only me, so… yeah).

Fight the good fight.


My name is Twitchy and I've been fighting the good fight since 2013. I like it when people boost my ego and if they don't I do it myself. I joined Club Penguin armies in 2008 and the RPF (now CPDIV) in 2013. I have led it five times since then. I am now an Administrator of RF. Just in case you needed some ideas.

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  1. JT says:

    Cool! This will be good for games with smaller fan bases. Could I start a clan for Brawl Stars? I would make a clan for people to join

  2. dinoalbasi1 says:

    I love this idea! But how do we form clans and how to join them?

  3. Vishal says:

    Managers form PUBG Mobile clan.

  4. Commando717 says:

    This post needs a category and a featured image, sir.

  5. MissMariss says:

    Makes my existence less awkward than it already is possibly. Would totally join brawl stars.

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