Member Ratings Mishap: An Apology from the Administrator

Edit: All changes have been made. If your account was one of those affected by this (see the table below), you most likely lost access to your website account. Please DM me to have your password reset. —Twitchy543

It recently came to the attention of the Administration team that there was something that didn’t quite look right regarding the user ratings. We noticed that there were a lot of very high-level and low-level rankings mixed in with each other, and decided to do some investigating as to discover what the issue surrounding this was.

Here’s what happened:

  • Recruits received RECRUIT.
  • Privates received ROOKIE.
  • Private First Class received MEMBER.
  • Lance Corporals received FIRETEAM MEMBER.
  • Corporals received FIRETEAM MEMBER II.
  • Sergeants received OFFICER CADET.
  • Staff Sergeants received OFFICER CADET II.
  • Sergeant First Class received REBEL LIEUTENANT.
  • Master Sergeants received COMMANDER.
  • First Sergeants received COMMANDER II.
  • Sergeant Majors received FEDERATION COMMANDER.

The member rankings of the Club Penguin Division were transferred on a one-to-one basis to the user level ratings of the Rebel Federation. Then, the staff members of the Rebel Federation were assigned the proper user-level ratings. Here’s what followed:

  • Administrators and Board Members received FEDERATION COMMANDER.
  • Directors received COMMANDER II.
  • Managers received COMMANDER.
  • Supervisors received REBEL LIEUTENANT.
  • Moderators received OFFICER CADET II.
  • Mediators received OFFICER CADET.

By outlining the process this way it becomes apparent that we went wrong somewhere during our planning process for the new user level rating system. What resulted from our process with this system was each user level having a cocktail of staff and members, which results in inconsistency all throughout. Here’s what should have happened:

  • Administrators and Advisory Board Members receive FEDERATION COMMANDER.
  • Directors receive COMMANDER II.
  • Managers receive COMMANDER.
  • Supervisors receive REBEL LIEUTENANT.
  • Moderators receive OFFICER CADET II.
  • Mediators receive OFFICER CADET.
  • Sergeant Major through Master Sergeant receive FIRETEAM MEMBER II.
  • Sergeant First Class through Sergeant receive FIRETEAM MEMBER.
  • Corporal and Lance Corporal receive MEMBER.
  • Private First Class and Private receive ROOKIE.
  • Recruit receives RECRUIT.

We’ll be working on implementing this over the next few days.

Twitchy543 Edit: All changes have been made.

Who was affected?

Below you will find a table listing who was affected by this change, along with the rank they received and what their correct rank should be. Please note this table only lists those who received the rating of Officer Cadet or higher. There are several people within the Member ratings who are, for example, Fireteam Member II when they should be Member. I have decided not to list these people, as they will balance out through the pay day periods over time. My main concern lies in those who were within the Commander and Officer ratings due to the fact that both of these ratings indicate eligibility for a staff position in the Rebel Federation.

Member AffectedRank They ReceivedRank They Should Have ReceivedCredit Difference
Wavy ShellFederation CommanderFireteam Member II242,000
Mr. RibcageFederation CommanderFireteam Member II242,000
Mycydric7Commander IIFireteam Member II92,000
AishaJabzCommander IIFireteam Member II92,000
Timothy138CommanderFireteam Member II52,000
SortCommanderFireteam Member II52,000
Jt9376Rebel LieutenantFireteam Member
AlinaGreyRebel LieutenantFireteam Member
ChaoscoRebel LieutenantFireteam Member36,000
BobTheBleachRebel LieutenantFireteam Member36,000
PlesiosaurusOfficer Cadet IIFireteam Member22,000
SarcasticPVPOfficer Cadet IIFireteam Member22,000
Pinkoliv123Officer CadetFireteam Member12,000
Pinpin516Officer CadetFireteam Member12,000
DaftBasiliskOfficer CadetFireteam Member12,000

As I said to many of you in the Club Penguin Division at the beginning of Operation: Amplification, this is a huge step forward for us and things will be confusing at first. Take it slowly, stay calm, and have faith in the Administration team. We know what we’re doing.

On the other hand, though, I do feel as though you all deserve an apology, and as the Head of the Administration team and the Rebel Federation as a whole, I believe that that should come from me: I sincerely apologize to all of those among you who were affected by this mishap. Miscommunication is easy to come by when you’re planning projects as large as this. It’s easy to get confused (trust me, you guys aren’t the only ones getting confused here), but in situations like this I find it important to remind all of you of something I’ve learned in my own experience through Club Penguin armies: what’s important is not how we fall, but how we get back up.

I ask that all of you who were affected by this do not lose any of your motivation that I’ve seen so valiantly displayed in each of you so far. All of those who were affected by this are excellent members of the Rebel Federation, and it’s been my pleasure to watch you grow to where you are now in the army. Most (if not all) of those who were affected are very close to reaching the staff level positions of the Rebel Federation, and I ask that you don’t give up on me now.

We have a long road ahead, and the gas tank is only getting fuller.

Stay strong, and fight the good fight.


My name is Twitchy and I've been fighting the good fight since 2013. I like it when people boost my ego and if they don't I do it myself. I joined Club Penguin armies in 2008 and the RPF (now CPDIV) in 2013. I have led it five times since then. I am now an Administrator of RF. Just in case you needed some ideas.

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  1. Mindy4IsBack says:

    its ok twitchy no ones perfect

  2. JT says:

    Why are you demoting us?

  3. Vishal says:

    At least things are fixed.
    Rip them those who got fixed.

  4. Chaos says:

    uh, i should be fireteam member, im still not

  5. Plesiosaurus says:

    A bit disappointing, but it’s good you figured out the error.

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