People Column: Interview of Popsiclebeak

Welcome to the fourth edition of the People Column of Rebel News Media, where interviews with RF members are published weekly.

This week’s interview is with Advisor Popsiclebeak!

RNM: Hello Popsiclebeak, thank you for coming to this interview today. I’ll start us off with a simple question – how have you enjoyed your time as an advisor?

Popsiclebeak: It’s been very enjoyable. I always love being involved in this community, and despite having insufficient time to lead, I’m happy to take the role of advisor and help out. It’s also nice because it’s much less stressful than leading.

RNM: Good to hear. Being a leader can be stressful so being in a place where you can relax while still being able to help out is great. On the topic of leadership, what are some things you have noticed that are different from your time as a leader?

Popsiclebeak: Well, truthfully it’s an entirely different game now. With our expansion onto many new platforms in full swing, the structure of the army has changed a lot as well as the personnel. It’s nice to see a familiar layout with the new CP division website, and at the same time it’s great to see us pushing forward with new concepts like the new RF website. The dynamic has certainly shifted now that was have “leaders” on multiple games.

RNM: Yeah, a lot of changes have taken place that have really helped grow the community. It’s nice to hear that there’s still a sense of familiarity from the old RPF despite all the changes that have taken place. Speaking of the old RPF, are there any stories you remember from when you were a leader that you would like to share?

Popsiclebeak: Well I could tell stories about my leadership all day every day. But keeping in theme with change, one funny story comes from the time we first decided to move to Discord. We needed Commando to embed the Discord server on the website, but he hadn’t been on chat in months at that point. Our move was entirely mapped out, and all we had to do was wait for Commando. Within literally 20 seconds of sending him an email, Commando appeared out of nowhere on the RPF Xat and proclaimed “I HAVE ARRIVED.” I remember being in our test Discord server with Chip and Twitchy at the time, and we just laughed at the suddenness of his arrival and how random it was. We moved to Discord later that week.

RNM: Perfect timing from the man himself! Good to hear the move was as smooth as it was. Unfortunately, I don’t have any smooth transition into this next question, so I’ll just ask it – what do you see in the future of the RF?

Popsiclebeak: There’s definitely a lot in store for the future. I think we’ll continue to see a gradual expansion over the coming months onto more games. Our numbers will definitely increase. As we increase, we’ll be able to introduce more features with more frequency like giveaways and other fun surprises that I can’t reveal yet ;). The bigger we get, the more possibilities present themselves. I already know this community is capable of remarkable things, and our best days will always still be ahead of us if we have the right mindset.

RNM: Your optimism is amazing, it’s good to hear that a former leader has hope for the community. On the note of “fun surprises”, I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this interview now – thank you for being a great guest, and have a good night!

Popsiclebeak: Yeah thanks for the interview, have a good one.

That’s all for the interview of Popsiclebeak! Special thanks to Brownboy102 for interviewing him.

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– Danielle, RNM Director

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  1. Popsicle says:

    Thanks for the interview, and don’t forget Tom Brady is the GOAT!

  2. JT says:

    Tom Brady is definitely the GOAT Popsicle

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