Project: Resurgence

Greetings, RF!

Firstly, I will give you a brief overview of the performance of the project that we conducted during the first week of January. This project had one objective in mind and that was to reach the recruiting goal of 300 – 500 members. Despite not reaching the goal, we noticed a huge change which was shown through the size gain from each region (in the CPR division). Each region started to max more than 40-50, which is a significant change. So, why keep this project for one week and get great results for a short period of time, when we can keep it forever and constantly have those great results every time? This is the effect that this project will bring upon and I welcome you all to join this fantastic voyage. Continue reading to see how you can participate in this project.

Before you begin reading the rest of the post, I wanted to mention that this project will be mainly themed around recruiting. The amount we recruited during the project helped boost RF’s growth and gave stable sizes for 1 – 2 weeks, which is why I want to keep this project forever, so that we can get these kind of results constantly. We may have special events in between as well, in which we give an amount of Rebel Credits as the prize.

  1. As this project is based mainly around recruiting, I request those members who are interested to participate in recruiting to DM me. I will provide you with all the details on how to recruit (if needed) along with other information about the project.
  2. I am setting up a simple policy which describes that all participants (those who have DM’d me) must recruit at least 1 new person a day. That way, if we get enough participants, we can recruit a huge amount of people in one whole week. You can certainly go beyond recruiting only one a day and recruit even more members as it will also add a bonus to the amount of Rebel Credits you get (more explained in the point below).
  3. There will be a certain amount of Rebel Credits that will be given out depending on how many recruits you get by the end of each week. Earning more Rebel Credits means that you get closer to reaching the next rank as it is synced to your account. This whole system regarding Rebel Credits is still very new to us, but more clarity will be given later on.
  4. Two recruiting logs will be maintained. One for Mediators and above as well as the ranks below Mediator. The recruiting log will now include a new column “number of people recruited”, next to the amount of time that you recruited for. This will help in identifying how productive you are while you recruit.
  5. This whole process of gaining participants to recruit will be refreshed each week to ensure that whose who are willing to participate within that week will be active. Each week I will refresh the recruiting log (only for member ranks) and make an announcement to you all to DM me if you are able to participate within that week.

Although CPR is our main recruiting base, since most of our members come from there, you can still recruit through the other divisions (or through other games if that’s possible).
I want this project to continue and never stop whatsoever. This is our chance to grow rapidly and get more than what we can. Let us hold hands and continue to work together to continue the RF dream. I hope to see you participate in this project.

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Why so serious?

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  1. Wavy Shell says:

    Glad to see people actually getting rewarded for their recruiting efforts now, this was something that was needed for quite a while, and I’m glad that it was put into effect well with this new system.

  2. JT says:

    This will be interesting! FTGF

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