[Q2-2019] Spring Cleaning

As we breach the beginning of May, I’ve decided to wrap up some renovation projects I’ve been doing in and around the Rebel Federation. In this post, I’ll be going over all of those.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Rebel credits have been taken out of the picture for the time being. After looking at the overall satisfaction with members of the Rebel Federation after our first quarter, we realized that we were not only moving too fast, but adding new features without considering how practical they would be for our regular users.

With that being said, I’ve disabled rebel credit functionality until further notice. On that note…

Member Ratings Plummet

Member Ratings are also being done away with. Seeing as they were formerly earned via rebel credits, they’re now defunct. So if you’re in the Rebel Federation, you get “Member’, unless you’re either a patron or a staff member, which brings me to my next two points.

Patron Features

You can now become a Patron in the Rebel Federation by donating either $1, $5, or $10 to us on Patreon. Half of the monthly income will go directly towards benefitting the Rebel Federation, while the other half will be divided amongst the Management and Administration Team (we do a lot of work to keep you guys satisfied!)

Patrons who choose to donate either $1, $5, or $10 per month will be rewarded with the Bronze, Platinum, or Diamond Patron roles on the community Discord server, respectively. They will also receive access to #lounge, an exclusive discussion channel on the community Discord server for patrons, veterans, and staff members.

Staff Renovations

Supervisor, Moderator, and Mediator have all been merged into one role called Moderator. That’s the only real change here that was made. I did fiddle around with I believe literally every other role in the staff levels, but this was the only change that I ended up sticking with.

Clan/Division Changes

Please just read the page.

What’s next?

More work on stabilizing teams as well as construction agencies will be underway, so be expectant to be hearing about that as the second quarter progresses.

As always, stay tuned, and fight the good fight.


My name is Twitchy and I've been fighting the good fight since 2013. I like it when people boost my ego and if they don't I do it myself. I joined Club Penguin armies in 2008 and the RPF (now CPDIV) in 2013. I have led it five times since then. I am now an Administrator of RF. Just in case you needed some ideas.

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