Rebel of the Week #74 and #75

Hello RF!

Every week we choose somebody who has performed outstandingly in their divisions, has been active in our chat, and has overall been a fantastic example to other members.

Unfortunately, last week we messed up and did not release a ROTW, so for this week we’ll have joint Rebel of the Weeks – one for last week and one for this week!

The 74th Rebel of the Week is friendly and fun. They attend lots of events, follow rules and are just a great presence in the chat. They are very deserving of RotW and have lots in store for their future in the RF!

The 74th Rebel of the Week is..


The 75th Rebel of the Week is a great member and person! They’re a fast learner and are friendly and fun to be around. They follow rules and are very active, and for that they deserve Rebel of the Week!

The 75th Rebel of the Week is..!


Make sure to congratulate both Rebel of the Week’s as they’re very deserving of the award.

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