Rebel of the Week #80


It’s Friday which means we’re going to be announcing this weeks Rebel of the Week!

Without further ado, the 80th Rebel of the Week is….


AFlyingSpider has been a hard working troop since she joined, however her activity this week has really caught our eye. Spider is a wonderfully friendly face you see at many events. She is kind to all members and helps out at events with a lot of spirit. As a result of all the hard work she’s put into our community she has earned her place as our 80th Rebel of the Week!

Don’t feel down if you didn’t get ROTW this week. The High Command have to choose from many hard-working troops. It is always a tough decision as we have many excellent troops. So, don’t feel down if you didn’t get it, keep aiming  for it and don’t lose hope!

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