How Community Ranks Work


Our community ranks serve as the structure for our organization. In the past, RF was structured like a military with a chain of command. It helped us figure who the best members were for leading our community forward. Similarly, the ranks system today is based on this.

The Rebel Federation has three community ranking systems to ensure the greatest potential for success. They are: Member Ratings, Division/Clan Ranks, and Staff Levels.

Member Ratings

Member Ratings are the core Ranks system for all users. These are directly based on a member’s accumulated amount of Rebel Credits. Rebel Credits are earned by participating in the Rebel Federation and can be earned in a variety of ways. In summary, total Rebel Credits gained shows a user’s overall experience and contribution to the community. Ranks are also determined by the highest rank achieved, if you drop below your current rank in Rebel Credits, you’ll stay the highest rank achieved.

Rank Levels for Member Ratings are as follows:

  • Newbie [0-99 Rebel Credits]
  • Rookie I [100-499]
  • Rookie II [500-3999]
  • Rookie III [4000-7999]
  • Member I [8000-15,999]
  • Member II [16,000-25,999]
  • Member III [26,000-39,999]
  • Elite Member I [40,000-59,999]
  • Elite Member II [60,000-99,999]
  • Elite Member III [100,000-249,000]
  • Legendary Member [250,000+]
Rank Level Perks

The higher your rank achieved, the more that comes with it. Not only does a higher rank show your overall prestige, but higher ranked users have the option to be on-boarded as Rebel Federation staff members. Member-tier ranks have the ability to join the Moderation Team, Elite Member-tier ranks can help organize and start brand new RF Divisions. Typically too, higher level ranks mean leadership positions in the current Divisions, such as team captains or other assignments. Federation Commander users are in line for community-wide leadership, these users typically become future Directors and Administrators.

The other major bonus of ranking up is the accumulation of Rebel Credits, which can be earned and then spent in a variety of ways. Learn more here.

Division & Clan Ranks

Each division within the Rebel Federation receives a set of rankings to accommodate for their command structure. Those ranks are:

  • Member — The rank most people will receive upon joining the division. This rank has no special functions, it just shows that you are in the division.
    • Member Ratings Newbie and up are eligible to become Division Members.
  • Officer — This rank is designed for those who have displayed excellent qualities as Division Members, and have commanding authority over the Division Members.
    • Member Ratings Member I and up are eligible to become Division Officers.
  • Lieutenant — Division Lieutenants are second-in-command of the division. They are assistants to the leader of the division and have commanding authority over the Division Officers as well as the Division Members.
    • Member Ratings Elite Member I and up are eligible to become Division Lieutenants.
  • Commander — The division leaders. Division Commanders have commanding authority over everyone in the division.
    • Member Ratings Legendary Member and up are eligible to become Division Commanders.

Clans share a similar structure to Divisions, except much less formal. Clans only have two ranks: Clan Member (equivalent to Division Member) and Clan Leader (equivalent to Division Commander/Lieutenant).* In addition, there is no Member Rating eligibility to receive either clan ranking.

* = Some clans are given the ability to include an Officer ranking (equivalent to Division Lieutenant/Officer) to accommodate for their needs.

Staff Levels – Referred to as the Intracommand [INCOM]

The Rebel Federation’s leadership is orchestrated among a small group that forms our staff. There are six active positions. The first three (Mediator, Moderator, and Supervisor) make up the Moderation Team, who focus on keeping our Discord and community safe. The last three (Manager, Director, and Administrator) are the leaders of RF Divisions and the community.

Rank Levels for INCOM are as follows:

  • Moderation Team
    • Mediator — Members of the Rebel Federation who have displayed the traits necessary to be deemed ready to begin training to become Moderators. They are essentially Junior Moderators, like Moderators but with less authority.
      • Required eligibility: Division Officer
    • Moderator — The standard guardians of the Rebel Federation. Responsible for enforcing the Community Guidelines of the Rebel Federation.
      • Required eligibility: Division Officer
    • Supervisor — Similar to a Senior Moderator. Responsible for policing Moderators and training to become Manager.
      • Required eligibility: Division Officer
  • Management Team
    • Manager — Oversees Divisions and carries out events.
      • Required eligibility: Division Lieutenant or Clan Leader
    • Director — Similar to Administrators, they are the direct leaders of operations in our Divisions.
      • Required eligibility: Division Commander
  • Administration Team
    • Administrator — Administrators are similar to a President or CEO, an all-star Director typically becomes this.
    • Advisory Board [Typically retired Directors and Administrators will become members of this]

The seventh Staff Member rank is our Advisory Board Member level. These users are almost always previous Directors and Administrators who have had to step down from full-time activity. This team acts as a council available to the current active RF leadership, and members are appointed by the current Administrator.