Rebel Credits


Rebel Credits serve as the basis for community ranks, and they additionally make up our community’s economy. Rebel Credits are earned by participating in the Rebel Federation, and they can be earned in a variety of ways. They will also have the option soon to be spent on community giveaway items, such as steam keys for games, Discord Nitro, and RF Merch related content. More information to come!

How To Earn

There are a few major ways to earn Rebel Credits. All of which center around participating in our community and its game Divisions.

Weekly Pay (Promotion Day)

On Sunday at the end of every week, Divisions historically held promotion day to rank up active users of that week. Now Divisions release a link that allows you to earn a Weekly salary of 2000 Rebel Credits. 2000 is the community standard, but some weeks may have a higher pay if a major event is going on.


You can invite new users to join the Rebel Federation by using your referral link, located on your user profile, and below.

You will receive 10 Rebel Credits for every person who views this link, and you’ll receive 250 Rebel Credits for every person who becomes a new Rebel Federation member. Recruiting is one of the easiest ways to rank up quickly


Rebel Credits are also earned by direct promotions by RF Divisions, who receive 6000 Rebel Credits per week for promotions for their respective Division (as part of each Division’s Rebel Credit Line). Each Division has the ability to transfer up to 6000 Rebel Credits per week, allowing them to reward hard work and dedication, or create incentives to boost activity on certain objectives. How these Rebel Credits are distributed are entirely at the discretion of the Divisions, and make the basis for each division’s unique budget.

Current Divisions and their current Rebel Credit Line:

  • Minecraft – [24,000 Rebel Credits per Month]
  • Club Penguin Rewritten – [24,000 Rebel Credits per Month]

Staff members also have the ability to transfer their own Rebel Credits as a means to promote other members. They are allowed to transfer up to 6000 Rebel Credits per week too.

Site Activity

Besides for the three main ways to earn Rebel Credits, continued use of the website itself gives credits. Some of the ways you may receive credits are from daily visits, posting comments on posts and the timeline, and by adding a profile photo. Continue to interact with and the Division sites, and see what you can find!

Staff Members

RF Staff receive a set weekly salary for the work they do to keep the Rebel Federation running. These salaries have different tiers based on the level of position. The current salary rates are outlined below.

  • Mediator – 1,000 Rebel Credits per week
  • Moderator – 2,500 Rebel Credits per week
  • Supervisor – 4,000 Rebel Credits per week
  • Manager – 7,000 Rebel Credits per week
  • Director – 15,000 Rebel Credits per week
  • Administrator – 20,000 Rebel Credits per week
  • Advisory Board Member – 10,000 Rebel Credits per week


In extreme circumstances, it’s possible to lose Rebel Credits. If you are found to be in violation of Community Rules, you may receive a penalty or face account deletion. Penalties are closely monitored and consulted before they occur by our staff, and will reflect the severity of the situation. If your account is deleted, your Rebel Credits are unrecoverable.