Hola Rebels!

Today the contest team and I are very excited! The day has finally come… for the results of the igloo contest!

The winner of the contest this time round will win a big league 5000 rebelcash! The runner up will win a hefty 2000 rebelcash! Finally, the third place finisher will win a spicy 1000 rebelcash! Now, what you’ve all been waiting for…

The big winner of todays contest, and winning 5000 rebelcash is…

SarcasticPVP! You bet giraffe we love this igloo!

The second place of the contest, winning 2000 rebelcash is Klein!

In third place, winning 1000 rebelcash is Kiki!

As always, the standard of this contest was incredible and so hard to judge! Thank you to everyone who entered this contest and a massive congratulations to the winners (be sure to say well done to them)! Be sure to enter the next contest, which will be coming out soon!

-weebwad, Contest Editor

6 Responses

  1. Lari Bee says:

    congratz to all winners! giraffes are the best lololol

  2. I love how Sarcastic won due to a bunch of giraffes .

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