Team Fortress 2, A brief history

TF2 Update history. All the major updates that weren’t general patches

Now I would’ve done them all but currently there are 668 of them to do.


Side note, some of these update logs will be really short as they may only contain one thing.

Not to mention all of these are in order.


A short year, with no major updates being Implemented as this was the early days of the game and the base version was being tested for almost all the year


Starting with the gold rush update, to incentivize playing medic. It introduced 36 new medic achievements, 3 weapons that you get by getting all 36 of those achievements, (the Blutsauger for 1/3 of them, the kritzkreig for 2/3rds and the Ubersaw for all 36. The update also implemented the new item system where if you unlocked an item you kept it forever. The reason it was called the gold rush update as it also added the gold rush map.

Following this was the Pyro update. This update included community maps, new pyro weapons and achievements, and the video “meet the sniper”. The two new user created maps were CP_FASTLANE by Arttu “skdr” Mäki, and CTF_TURBINE by Bill Johnston. There were also 35 new pyro achievements to acquire. The three new weapons are the flare gun, the back burner, and the axtinguisher. Another really cool update was to the stock flamethrower which added the right click to fire compressed air to knock enemies back.

The next update to cover is the heavy update.

This update added arena mode, the critically acclaimed video

Meet the sandvich, heavys new gun, Natascha, the map badwater basin, the K.G.B and also new achievements. To be specific the KGB is the killing gloves of boxing, there were 35 new achievements to unlock too. Another cool thing was the community map CP_STEEL by Jamie “Fishbus” Manson.


To start 2009 off we got the scout update. We got the sandman, a bat, the maps ARENA_WATCHTOWER by Joshua “JoshuaC” Shiflet and CP_JUNCTION by Sean “Heyo” Cutino. This also added the BONK energy drink for the scout and 35 scout achievements. Fourthly it updated the maps CP_EGYPT by Sean “Heyo” Cutino and CP_FASTLINE by Arttu “skdr” Mäki. The next thing would be the force-a-nature, and release day which decided the unlockable order with the force a nature being 10 achievements in, the sandman being 15, and the bonk energy drink 20.

Then came the sniper update

This update included the sniper the huntsman, a now that if kills an enemy will stick them to a wall.

This was a short update as this was the only thing.

Then is the classless update. It added arena offblast by Magnar “Insta” Jenssen, and hats. The ultimate status symbol to show your dominance with your bigger stack of hats.

The Halloween update

This update brought 5 spooky achievements, a secret thing, and Halloween HATS! Also the map called harvest.

The war update

This update was a feud between red demoman and blue soldier. There isn’t much more but the people who chose the winning side got cool rewards! I won’t spoil who wins but this update did drop on my birthday!


New decade!

The 119th update was to celebrate 119 updates. In this update they listed tons of facts including how the original cache size was 2.45 gigabytes.

Next came the Mac update. Straight forward. TF2 for Mac. This also added personal training for players.

The engineer update. This update added the new sidearm the wrangler, which lets you control your sentry with a shield, though making you stand still open to shots. This also added the maps thunder mountain, Hightower, upward, and more weapons! A new wrench known as the gunslinger, the combat mini sentry (only available if you have gunslinger equipped), and the new shotgun the frontier justice.

The Mann-Conomy update.

This update made it so you can now order TF2 items online like weapons, hats and more! The was revolutionary for the game as it made it so players could trade amongst themselves, giving rise to trade servers and more!

The second TF2 Halloween special. This introduced things like the horseless headless horsemann-relative of the Mann family (yes the same Mann that did the Mann-Conomy. It also brought 4 achievements.

The Australian Christmas update.

This brought in more lore to the TF2 game starting in 1788, and adding the festive crates and keys. This also had the melee only medieval mode!


Starting the new year was the hatless update. This update included a whopping 0 new hats. It also added coaching, more training for classes, voting, dynamic model loading, servers and steam ids, class duels, improved bots, improved voice chat, and paint improvement. They also shrunk KOTH_BADLANDS

The replay update

This update would add the incredible in game replay editor. It brought 8 filmmaking achievements, including a new special taunt.

The Uber update

This gave the incredible meet the medic video, along with the weapons the quick fix, the solemn vow, and the overdose.

The manniversary update

This update was a MannCo catalog sale

The third annual scream fortress very scary Halloween special

This update included 2 eye achievements and including new costume packs for each class.

The second Australian Christmas

This update included packs for the engineer and pyro, the new map CP_FOUNDRY, the pomsom6000 for the engineer, the eureka effect, and some cool cosmetics. For the pyro he got the third degree burn, the phlogistinator, the manmelter 3600 ZX, and 2 achievements for CP_FOUNDRY



This update started with the meet the pyro video. That’s it.

Mann Vs Machine

This is one of the biggest TF2 updates ever. This introduced the co op TF2 game mode Mann vs machine where red and blu band together to defeat an evil robot army

Fourth annual scream fortress 2

This introduced wheel of fate, magic spells, wave 666 for Mann vs machine, two achievements,  and zombies.

The second annual saxxy awards

Now I don’t know where the first one went but this is TF2’s oscars. The best of the best make TF2 animated movies and they are recognized for their hard work! The categories are action, replay, comedy, and drama.

The winner of the Saxxy’a overall was “Story of a sentry” by soimon. A truly incredible film.

The Mecha update

This update introduced the mecha engineer comic, and a new Mann vs machine map, big rock.

Not to mention three new weapons. The rescue ranger for the engineer, the loose cannon for the demoman, and the vaccinator for the medic.

Not to mention the return of naughty and nice crates.


Robotic Boogaloo

The first entirely community created update. Really cool how the developers let the users do this.

Scream fortress 5

This brought the map helltower, spellbooks, and over 100 new items.

Not to mention eight grief filled achievements.

Featuring the witching hour

Two cities update

This update brought 2 cities in Mann vs machine

Not to mention weapon effects for the tour of duty for Mann vs machine. Also the map snakewater, also 9 Mann vs machine achievements.

The third annual saxxy awards.

You already know how this works so the winner was “Lil Guardian Pyro” by Harry101UK, Rantis, Winslow, Chaosfanatic, ColbaltGemeni, and HA Composer. A truly incredible film.

Smissmass 2013

This Christmas event added some new events, festive weapons, cosmetics, and Christmas themed cases.


War and love. An update I cannot inform you about upon the basis of 403 forbidden

The fourth annual saxxys

The overall winner is animation vs animator (TF2 Version) by Ferhod. A very funny and incredible film.

Scream fortress 6

This update brought more magic spells, curses, 6 mercenary achievements, and bumper car madness.

End of the line

Another community made update (and a movie made by the community) a very thrilling film, more unusual items, and merch for the movie.

Smissmass 2014

This smissmass brought us 29 new cosmetic items, festive weapons, stocking stuffers, and a beta game mode. Those weapons being the iron bomber, the quickiebomb launcher, and the panic attack.


To start the year off, the gun mettle update. This update included a three month event with contracts and exclusive weapon cases, and more, including a barrage of new cases and reskins.


In a community made event, the game was invaded by aliens for a month. It had New cases, maps such as watergate, proved, 2fort invasion, and byre. And new weapons such as the shooting start sniper and the batsaber. Not to mention the C.A.P.P.E.R and the giger counter.

Scream fortress 8

Unavailable due to 403 forbidden

The fifth annual saxxy awards. This added two new categories, short and extended. The overall winner was “Turbulence” by Antoine Delak, Hunternif, MechaFourth, Musetrigger, Salade au Thon, OverPovered, Dunkle, Pumodi, and SediSocks. It’s hilarious.

Tough Break update

This update brought another campaign  including new contracts, new collectibles and weapons, and more.


This new match balanced and fixed matchmaking, and added competitive 6v6 mode. This changed the way the game was played in an unheard of matter. Also the maps Sunshine, Metalworks, and Swiftwater. Also 2 new achievements for the new pass time mode.

Scream fortress eight

Thirteen Halloween maps, a new case, and increased chances for cases.

The sixth annual saxxy awards. The overall winner was Timeless Thief by Blade x64, Woozlez, XB33, Andy Thybo, ttmr, Pumodi, The Winglet, SediSocks, and TacoVFX.

Smissmass 2016

This update brought festive weapons, taunts, cosmetics, I’m

Improvements to matchmaking and auto balancing, and a massive sale in the MannCo Store.


Jungle Inferno

This added an awesome video, a new map called Mercenary Park, more community made maps, and taunts.

Scream fortress 9. This added maps, fixed bugs, added new contracts, and more.


The seventh annual saxxy awards. The overall winner was Agent Gunn: Vulkanite, made by UKEACrash, donhook, NeoDement, Zoey, BADGERPIG, void~, Populus, Hypo, Frying Dutchman, Nonamesle ft~, Bapaul, Square, Harry, DatGmann, Callegos, fuzzymellow, SediSocks, Colteh, and five.

Scream fortress 10.

On the tenth anniversary of the classic scream fortress update, the creators added 5 new community maps. Cauldron, Gravestone, Monster Bash, Slasher, and Cursed cove, new cosmetics, cases, taunts, hats, and much more for this special anniversary.

The years forward.

That’s all of the major updates listed by the site, which is official by the way, but this doesn’t mean we’re done, with a thriving community after 12- almost 13 years, this games legacy will never truly die. It is and always will be a classic war themed hat simulator with our favourite nine mercenaries. But the gameplay isn’t the only thing. There’s the thriving community of the game, events like the saxxys where we get to show our love to the game, and more things that will never truly be forgotten in the eyes of the community which is still the #1 most played game on steam with 50 MILLION players active, and many more who’ve hung up their sentries and miniguns, who put the days of backstabs and headshots, and killstreaks behind them to focus on life. But there’s something about this game which will never quite leave these people. The formulaic success of 9 classes on so many maps, with so many customizations to your character, game mode, and weapons which drastically alter how you play in a fun, refreshing way. What I’m trying to get across is how this game is unforgettable in the internet’s history. With such a basic idea of 9 classes fighting cams comics, merchandise, lore, animations, players working their heart out to master their favourite class, and so many other incredible things this games community has to offer, which is still growing by the day. This game is a true classic and by the Australia shaped chest hairs on Saxton Hale’s chest, will never be forgotten to time. What I mean is thank you for the memories, TF2. We love you, TF2.


-BScharbach2, Moderator.


RF Soldier since November 3rd 2017. FTGF Loyal RF Member SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE

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