Dear Debby, Do you know any good ways to make veggies edible? – Benedict Cucumberbatch 


Dear Benedict Cumberbatch,

     This may come as a bit of a surprise but I’m not a huge fan of eating plain vegetables. I find the best way to eat them is to add them to a meal rather than toss them in as a side dish. But I do understand that it is easier said than done and there are some meals that you can’t just toss veggies into.

     The simplest way I get my veggies in is by throwing them in a salad. The dressing really helps mask the bitterness of most vegetables.  My go-to salads have romaine lettuce, spinach, carrot, sweet pepper, red onion, dill (when in season), and some cubes of cheddar.  As for dressing I just go with whatever I have, my favourites are poppy seed, roasted red pepper, raspberry vinaigrette or some weird rice vinegar thing my mom makes.

     Going back to the cubes of cheddar from the last paragraph: cheese. It’s great. It can save pretty much anything. If you are making broccoli, cauliflower or tomatoes, I highly recommend melting cheese onto them as you cook them.  

    If you have zero cooking skills or zero time, try dipping vegetables in a dip– which can be salad dressing (and if anyone questions you  just tell them it’s a deconstructed salad)

     However, if you do have time and have some skills in the kitchen then I would suggest making homemade spaghetti or other pasta and adding green onions, pepper, mushroom, and other veggies to the sauce. Stirfrys are also an excellent way to enjoy vegetables. My personal favourites are radnar and pad see ew.

     If pasta and stir fry seem too difficult then soup is always an option. To make a basic soup all you really need is a bouillon cube and water. Just toss in your veggies and whatever else you want and you are good to go. 

     Below I’ve included my favourite ways to make veggies tasty. If you want to go more complicated or try other recipes,  have a look at All you do is fill in what you have and it will give you recipes.

  1. Onions are amazing caramelized and it’s easy to do.
  2. Homemade kale chips are underrated.
  3. Steaming veggies with butter and salt does wonders.
  4. Salad dressing doubles as a dipping sauce in a pinch.
  5. Green smoothies don’t have to be gross. Just add a handful of greens.
  6. Get creative! Combos that seem yucky can be delicious.
  7. The blender is your friend. Make cream soups by blending cooked veggies.
  8. If all else fails, plugging your nose will help diminish- but not get rid of- the taste.