RF Staff




The R.F. Administrator is effectively a President, their long term experience leading the Rebel Federation helps them to create a vision for the community’s future. Overseeing the community, the Administrator is involved in all aspects of the R.F, and ultimately blazes a path forward.









Team Directors oversee a heightened level of community leadership, usually encompassed through heading an entire Division and helping to determine the future for the entirety of the Federation. These users can even take on tasks of the Administrator and are considered candidates for future Administrators. 


No users found with this rank


Team Managers fill important required leadership and officer roles from division to division. They function in a multitude of capacities and are considered our first line of community leaders. Their expertise and experience demonstrated in the Rebel Federation push us to new heights.















These users make up our moderation staff on our Discord network and help maintain safe chat environments in all of our divisions. They are available to help R.F. members in any team.


























Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board is made up of past Rebel Federation Administrators. They are appointed by the current administration and have various stakes in the Rebel Federation.