Minecraft Division: Operation Ignis

The wagons have been built, the horses watered and fed. The citizens of the Rebel Federation now prepare for their campaign into new, foreign lands.”


The Minecraft Division is starting a new campaign, and we’d like to invite all RF users to help us forge a truly legendary empire. You might be wondering what makes this occasion so special that it merits this much attention, and the answer to this question is rather simple. Towny Origins (the server we currently run our campaigns on) is not only launching a new world but is also undergoing massive changes to improve user experience (such as custom map generation, community events, etc), and, following on this spirit of renewal, we also have prepared some changes on how we run our campaigns to make them more fun and entertaining for everyone (including the recent introduction of phases, as well as some other features we will reveal in the future).

We seek to ignite a fire in our users so we can all become the indisputably best nation around. To achieve this goal we will need the help of every RF user we can get since we have big projects ahead of us.

If you own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition then don’t doubt to join us in this new chapter. If you have been considered buying the game after the resurgence in popularity it recently got then let this be an incentive. Now is the best moment to join us, so don’t hesitate.


You can find more information about the campaign by clicking here.


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