In the month of October, members of the RF discord server and its various divisions and teams’ server would have noticed some changes. To celebrate Halloween, channel names were changed to match the theme. Furthermore, to celebrate this spooky season, we organised a Monster Mashup contest. We asked members across all the divisions to design a Music Album Cover + Album name, create a story, or write poetry based on a list of Halloween-themed songs.

Thank you to the Art, Disney, Pokemon, Health, Superheroes, Literature divisions for hosting, and thank you to everyone who sent in your entries!

Without further ado, here are our winners!!!

1st Place

10,000 rebel cash and a custom role in RF and Host Servers.

Halloween Town by Akki


2nd Place

The Halloween Eve (short story) by troi

It was the halloween eve at County Meath, Joe informed to his mom that he will be having his dinner at Hodgkin’s residence and promised that he will be back before midnight . His friend Kelly was waiting with her Chevrolet outside Joe’s home . Joe brought a bag with his halloween costume in it and a basket for collecting sweets . They took off before his mother could tell him to come home by 9 . Kelly and Joe were so eager to celebrate halloween with their childhood friend Nicky who shifted her house to the nearby hill,Thlachtga . It was 8 when they reached Nicky Hodgkin’s residence . The streets were pretty dim with jack o lanterns at every corners . Nicky greeted them with her witch costume and lead them to her basement where her cousins were already waiting for them with a torch . The cousins introduced themselves as Lucy and Adam . Joe was so excited about the dinner after their story session as Nicky promised that it would be something special . Nicky volunteered herself to start with the story . And she began with the origin of halloween according to their ancestors .”In the 16th century this village was a part of a famous territory which was ruled by king Irwin II . It was believed that in the Northern Eastern part of this village there lived a group of people who called themselves as hallows and had cults in various European countries . They had ability to talk with the dead and can manipulate them . Wherever these hallows stay , mysterious deaths occur , mysterious plague would spread and soon the whole kingdom will be ruined . Because of this many nobles saw them as a threat to their kingdom . So inorder to prevent that from occurring the nobles agreed to help themselves to completely eradicate the hallows . Many peoples who were associated with the hallows were caught , tortured and hanged . Because of this many hallows began hiding . But the mysterious deaths continued especially in the areas surrounding Tlachtga . King Irwin II was so worried , so he began gathering help from other nobles and started hunting down the hallows with no mercy and soon the leader of the hallows was caught and was beheaded in public . The people were in joy and King Irwin II become their hero and the people remembered that day as Halloweve (the eve in which the hallows were defeated ) which soon was celebrated as halloween here”… Nicky stopped and Joe looked at the clock it was nearly 9 as he was about to ask about the dinner Lucy continued ” but the hallows didn’t fall after the execution of their leader rather they sought to avenge their leader by killing people at every halloween and sacrificing them as a dinner to their deceased leader’s spirit” . Now Joe’s thought about dinner has completely vanished rather he wants to leave this place before Joe could say anything Adam got up and bolted the doors when Joe was about to enquire Adam about his actions something hit Joe and he fell down , he looked back to see all four of them surrounded him with one of them holding a machete before Joe could realise what is going on , Kelly with a wicked smile roared,” HAPPY HALLOWEEN JOEY ” and a loud slash was heard at Hodgkin’s residence……


3rd Place

Halloween Town by Bunningsnagsz

Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions! Be sure to look out for more contests in the future!