Recruiter Badge Reveal

The Recruiter Series

Leftover from the Rebel Credit system we previously used, I’m sure you probably remember that referral link all accounts got that allowed you to receive credits for members who signed up with it. Well, that function has been revived! But this time, it adds a tally towards the progression of your Recruiter Badge. Unlike the last revealed badge, this one is automated and is awarded by the website itself. As you recruit new users to the site, it adds towards an overall tally of users who have created an account with us. This tally directly determines which level of Recruiter badge you have.

This badge is probably the most difficult to obtain of the core six, we’re looking forward to seeing who gets to Recruiter III first!

Below are the general requirements for each level of this badge. Remember, each level builds on the last, and these requirements are ultimately verified by the RF Administration.

Recruiter I Recruiter II Recruiter III
10 Referral Sign Ups 50 Referral Sign Ups 100 Referral Sign Ups

Your Referral Sign Up Link

This link is also available on your Profile page under the Profile tab, and on the sidebar of the website when you’re logged in!


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