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We’ve been hard at work dusting off the site and putting it back together with some functions to help assist our growing community in what we’re calling The July Update. One of our biggest components that we’re happy to unveil is Teams. This year, we set off on adventures to new games where we’ve built new groups and extended our community, now we want to give all of our members the tools to do just that. Any member will be able to start a Team now, and when you do, like our Division sites, you get your own page to post on to help you coordinate. These pages you will recruit with, and as your team grows, so will your features. Large teams in the future will have the chance to become new divisions. Will you be our next best leader?


It’s our hope that with these teams, RF will be better equipped to take on team-based games, such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Apex, and many other games that rely on specific team roles. Additionally, this is a new way to engage with our community, and we hope we’ll see a lot of creativity come from this.

As new team leaders, we welcome you to the Federation. 

To learn more about starting a Team, watch the video above! To learn more about Team growth and all general information to know if you intend to become a Team Leader, check out the Team Information Page. 




Advisory Board Chair. Kitty Parent.

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  1. i have made a disision to make a box critters division reply if agree

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