Last month, we looked at the basics of self care as well as interviewed CoDM Division Leader Taz on his take of the topic. Now that we have more insight on what self care is, it’s time to dig a little deeper! With most of us going back to school with online classes, we might be feeling stuck in our homes, sitting for most of our day. On this month’s segment, we will be taking a closer look at a well-known self care method:


Hold on, don’t close that tab JUST yet! Yes, many of us might not be too fond on the idea of exercise. It gets exhausting, and it’s not easy to go to the gym due to the situation we are in. However, exercising comes in many forms now that we might not be aware about, and we have technology to thank for that! There are many games that focus on exercising the body, whether they are the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure, or the classic Just Dance games that are available on many platforms. They all have one thing in common: Burning calories in a fun and interactive way. If you enjoy going to the gym AND playing video games, this blog post is for you!

Little fun fact: Feeling particularly lazy? Have a horror movie marathon or play heart-racing games; You can burn up to 200 calories just by indulging yourself into the horror scene for around 90 minutes. There’s no better time to check out the horror side of media than now given that we are in the spookiest month of the year!

Why is exercise so popular in the self care community?

There are so many different things we could do to maintain our wellbeing, so why is exercise one of the most popular practices? There’s many benefits that come with exercising, and these include:

  1. Increases cardiovascular activity + speeds up metabolism
  2. Burns extra calories (more than scary movies/games!)
  3. Outlet for frustrations and anger
  4. Getting better sleep at night

And most importantly, exercising releases endorphins in the brain.

What are endorphins, you ask? Endorphins are chemicals that are released in our body to relieve stress or pain. They are also responsible for the feeling of euphoria, which is the state of intense happiness and self-confidence. Exercising is one of the most efficient ways to boost your mood quickly, as well as clearing your mind from any excess stress you’ve been feeling. A quick session of exercise can make you feel better physically and especially mentally, which can be important in regards to taking care of your overall health.

There are a lot of different exercises you can do as self care apart from the usual running or weight training. These can be:

  • Zumba/Dance
  • Yoga
  • Martial Arts
  • Sports
  • Walks

And for those who want a little bit more entertainment in their exercise sessions, here are some fitness games that are recommended:

  • Wii Sports
  • Pokemon Go
  • Zombies, Run
  • Just Dance
  • Wii Fit

Another tip to having fun while you exercise is to have a buddy with you. They can keep you company as well as motivate and encourage you, and vice-versa. There’s nothing like a good session of volleyball or yoga together as a bonding experience!


Much like last month, it is time to see the community’s viewpoint on the concept of exercise in self care. There’s no one better to interview for this segment than Health and Wellness Division leader, Jillmothy!

Tulia: How would you define self care, and what are some self care methods that you practice?

Jill: Self care is simply taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. It can be as simple as basic hygiene and eating good food. Most importantly, it’s about doing what you love and what makes you happy. For me, self care is taking breaks between all my school work to get up, stretch, listen to music and visit with my rats and dogs. I try to work out everyday but lately I haven’t had the time.

Tulia: It’s nice to see that you focus on both the mental and physical aspects of self care! Do you think exercise is a big part of self care?

Jill: Yes! Absolutely! If your body isn’t healthy, then it’s hard for your mind to be healthy, and when that happens, it’s hard to do daily tasks. Even just going for a walk or doing a few stretches is good. Anything that gets the blood flowing. Exercise also induces endorphins which are a type of happy brain chemical, which is always good.

Tulia: That’s wonderful, I completely agree with exercising being essential for the mind. What are some of your favourite exercises?

Jill: Hockey. Soccer. Dancing. Wrestling with livestock. But if you mean my favourite workout exercises, then I guess I would say deadlifts, RDL, Clean and Jerk, Leg Press etc. Honestly, anything that lets me lift heavy weights. I feel really strong and it’s super fun.

Tulia: Wrestling with livestock definitely sounds like a fun and interesting calorie-burner. Are there any final comments you would like to add?

Jill: Mental Health is just as important than Physical Health, Gender is a social construct, Fight the good fight.

Tulia: Thank you for the interview, fight the good fight!

As expected, Jill is already well-informed of what self care means to her. Despite her busy schedule on top of leading the Health and Wellness division, she always tries to take time out of her day to work out and spend quality time with her pets. It is also amazing to know that Jill takes extra special care to look out for her mental health. She is already aware of how exercising releases endorphins, the happy chemical, and uses it as a way to put herself in a happier mood! Jill keeps her exercises fun and enjoyable with a variety of methods, and wrestling with livestock is definitely something I’d want to try one day. If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with all the exercise options to choose from, you can always get some tips and recommendations from Jill!

Who knew exercising could have so many benefits? Not only is being active good for you physically, but it is also good for your wellbeing mentally as well. Feel free to explore around and discover your favourite way of exercising! You don’t have to stick to one form, mixing and matching different exercises can make your experience more enjoyable. Be sure to check out our previous post on self care if you haven’t, and as always, keep on taking care of yourself!


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