Team Leader Badge Reveal

The Team Leader Series


Presenting, the Team Leader Badge. This badge is earned through credible work at heading a successful RF Team and is earned as your team grows and stays active. There are not many members in the Federation cut out for earning this badge in any of its iterations, which means this badge will be obtained by the most elite of our command orientated users.

Below are the general requirements for each level of this badge. Remember, each level builds on the last, and these requirements are ultimately verified by the RF Administration.

Team Leader I Team Leader II Team Leader III
Start a Team and lead 20 Active Members Lead a Team with 50 Active Members Lead a Team with 100 Active Members

Stay tuned for another upcoming reveal.


Advisory Board Chair. Kitty Parent.

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  1. squeezy595 says:

    what do you mean by lead a team just have people follow me around on cpr

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