The Hunt (by WarriorNexonet)

Today was the day my father took me for hunting. I saw my dad go numerous times to hunt game and I was fascinated by him. He had the ability to kill without hesitation. My little brother was not interested in hunting and my mother disliked it. It was me who was different who was mesmerized by it.

My father gave me a bow and some arrows. “Why?”, I asked Father, “Why did you give me a puny bow instead of a gun?” Father held me by my shoulders and said, “Never disown your weapons. It might not be much but it will save you when needed.” I nodded but still didn’t understand him. “After all,” he said, turning towards the door, “A knife still can pierce and kill.” He opened the door and went outside.

Me, as a 12-year old, still didn’t understand what he meant. I got ready and went outside where I saw Father ready with his gun. It was a Karabiner 98K or so, he tells me. It was long and pointy and had a knife screwed to its barrel’s end, which had stains of bloods and had a good reminiscence of the Second World War. “Don’t worry.” Father assures as he notices me staring at the knife, “It’s not human blood.” We started entering the forest, Father was humming a 90’s era song and walked with a grin stuck on his face. Maybe he was happy to know that someone joined him in the hunt. I was following Father in the forest .I didn’t make any unnecessary talk as it might offend Father, he always tells to talk whenever needed, not anywhere else.

Did I tell you about my bow? It’s a recurve bow, which I don’t know what it means, which doesn’t have the usual wooden frame but a carbon fiber one with a thick string of nylon, due to which it had the distinct black color and felt sturdier than the usual bow. My Father suddenly crouches down and with impulse I do so too. He tells via hand signs to stay quiet and follow him. I obeyed him and walked behind him, crouched and puzzled. What did Father see? Does he want me to kill it? Countless thoughts ran which were interrupted by the grip of my Father’s hand on my shoulder. “That,” whispers Father, “is your hunt.” He points towards a large boar, behind a narrow tree. “Get closer and kill it with your bow.”

“Okay, Father”

“If you are uncomfortable then tell me.”

“I am fine, Father.”


I am still a little nervous as it’s a boar as they are wicked fast and strong. I have to prove Father so I will kill it. He hands me his knife and tells me that I, only I can finish my hunt. I start advancing towards the boar in a crouched position. The boar is still sniffing at the ground, I got to a vantage point behind a tree and the wind was also favorable.

It was now or never. I took a deep breath and took an arrow from my quiver and took aim at the beast. I released the arrow but to my surprise, it missed and scared it. “GO! FOLLOW IT!”, shouted Father. I holstered my bow and ran after the beast with a knife. After running a few meters, I was surrounded by a thick fog. I could hear the breathing of the beast near me. “SON, WHERE ARE YOU?!!”, shouted Father with a hint of worry. But, at the same time, the boar zoomed past me and I was terrified by its sheer power and speed. I have to kill it, it was again coming towards me but this time it was going to ram me, as it came near me, I dodged it and stabbed its side with my knife. The boar wailed and fell. It was still alive and in pain. I couldn’t miss this good opportunity. I went for the kill.

I looked at its eyes as Father said. I could see pain in its eyes. At that moment Father came and said, “Finish what you have started.” In a tone of seriousness. I obeyed and thrust my knife on the beast, a final long wail which was followed by silence.

“Well done, Son!!”, exclaimed Father, “you are officially a hunter now.” But I didn’t pay any attention to Father. I looked at the dead boar and at my bloodied hand and I felt immense pleasure in it.

The End