Veterans Badge Reveal

The Veteran Series

Presenting, the Veterans Badge.  Historically, when an RF Member is done being active in a significant way in the Rebel Federation, they “retire” and officially become consider a Veteran of the community. Now, those users will receive a Veterans series badge. Which clearly admits, not all veterans are created equal.  Some RF Members have made massive contributions or a significant impact to that of the entire Federation, and to that end, they are recognized. Candidates for Icon and Legend tiers of this badge will be voted on every six months by the Advisors of Rebel Federation, those with majority votes will receive the badge level they have obtained.

Below are the general requirements for each level of this badge. Remember, each level builds on the last, and these requirements are ultimately verified by the RF Administration.

Veteran Icon Legend
Retire from an active duty role in the RF (either as a significant rank in a branch or staff member position) Make contributions to the overall success of the Federation / Iconic Member of a time period The Rebel Federation would not exist as it does today without the massive contributions and impact you made

And that concludes the Core Six! For those just tuning in, this is the last badge reveal of the first six user badges RF Members can earn for their profiles. There will be more in the future.

Until then, good luck.


Advisory Board Chair. Kitty Parent.

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