Rebel Pay Day | Week One

As we get your ranks synced we’re simultaneously rolling out the new “Promotion Day” system! Previously, Promotion Day was every Sunday, the Staff here would manually update the Ranks page for days at a time, and then post everyone who had gained a promotion. This new system is similar, but...


Rebel of the Week #73

Hello RF! Every week we choose somebody who has performed outstandingly in their divisions, has been active in our chat, and has overall been a fantastic example to other members. Keep reading to find out who this week’s RotW is!


Important: Rank Sync Initiative

If you haven’t already, please review the new RF Ranks list, How Community Ranks Work, and the page with the overview of Rebel Credits. Our new website is one of a kind, exclusive, and extremely delicate. Every user account is patched into the system automatically, so instead of copying the...


Minecraft Latest of New Divisions

Launched roughly a week ago, the Rebel Federation branched off into new horizons in Minecraft. Currently, the division website for this branch is currently under construction. But will be up shortly featuring more information about our operations there. Here’s some first pictures from the Division’s first event: