The Rebel Federation Flag & Emblem

The Rebel Federation is an online community made for players, by players, originally organized in 2007 by a group of kids. Today, we have expanded to an all-around Discord community, structurally organized as a “Federation” of Divisions with similar interests, and Teams made up of groups of friends with similar skill sets. These groups do activities together, either recreationally or competitively, while Members of the Rebel Federation rank up by being active and contributing to the collective Federation.

Join a massive and growing community that consists of 10+ Divisions and over 14,000 players among 10+ Discord servers. We’re ready to get to the next level and make the Rebel Federation a community for everyone.


What Makes Us Different?

We’re a community created by our players. We’re only so organized because of the talented, unique, individuals who make us up. Thanks to our Administration team with veteran gaming and leadership experience combined with our well-trained, friendly, professional, cooperative staff, we’re able to accomplish the impossible. When you join RF, not only do you become part of our community, but you help shape it.

Become a Member

Joining the Rebel Federation is easier than one might think. All you have to do is navigate to our community hub Discord server (some divisions have their own Discord servers; the “community hub” is what we refer to our main server as). Upon joining, you’ll be given the role of “New Member”.  This will give you access to a channel called #main-chat, which will take you right into the heart of our community.

As you interact on our Discord, join Community events, or join one of our Divisions, you will be upgraded to the role of “RF Member”. This signifies that you are now an integral part of our community. Members typically have access to climb their divisions’ ranking systems, where they can be promoted to higher ranks—or even someday become the Division Leader!

Community Events

Community events are either hosted on a casual game that doesn’t require any professional skill level, or they’re not hosted on a game at all! Our community weekly has interesting events for all RF members hosted right in the Hub Discord. Come see what we have to offer by checking out this week’s schedule.

RF’s Continuing Mission: Fight the Good Fight

The Rebel Federation’s purpose is to bring people together and facilitate recreational gaming for all. When RF started in May 2007 (originally branded as “RPF”), it was in the name of beating a rival team who abused the game we were on. In doing so, our members at the time developed a motto for themselves: “Fight the good fight”. The slogan simply represents the desire to do what is right—even if you have to fight for it—in every given opportunity.

Today, we continue that mission to “fight the good fight” by making the games we play a better place for the communities they are home to. As a member of RF, we all set out with these shared values. It’s imperative that in joining us, you represent these values and work to make the Rebel Federation a force for good, as well as a home to all of its members. 

By coming together, we’ll be able to conquer any task, rival any competition, face any threat to our users, and make our community as much of a welcoming environment as possible, as we have done now together for over 13 years. Our members carry this legacy forward. ▀▄▀