The Rebel Federation is a gaming community made for players, by players, originally organized in 2007 by a group of kids playing Club Penguin (of all things). The Rebel Federation today has expanded as an all-around gaming community, structurally organized together as a federation of divisions and teams on different games. These teams play games together either recreationally or competitively, and members in these divisions rank up in the Rebel Federation by being active and contributing to the team.

How Our Site Works

When you sign up on our site, you get your own personal account with a public profile. As a Rebel Federation Member, you have access to joining one/any/all (your preference, really) of our Teams. Divisions have their own subdomains and Discords. Teams are smaller groups of R.F. Members, who once established, have their own Team page on our website to coordinate off of.

Read More about Division and Teams, their Size Categories, and how to Start a Team

Membership Perks

Join a massive and growing community that consists of two Division websites, three Division Discords, and over 5,000 players. We’re ready to get to the next level and make the Rebel Federation a community for everyone.

The Rebel Federation is free to join, we’re a community created by players. We’re only so organized because of the talented individuals who make us up. Thanks to an administration team of 40+ users, we’re able to accomplish the impossible.

Be part of a legacy 12 years in the making, what makes our community last are the friendships that have held it together. Meet new friends and like-minded users, show us your leadership talent and rank up, and help us lead this community forward by creating new Teams on games we’re not playing yet.

What Makes Us Different?

There’s nothing else like us around, and we call the shots. Our Website won’t sell your data, spam you with advertising, or benefit off you in anyway. Our community comes first because we are community lead. Our mission? You decide.