What is an RF Team? 

In our mission to organize our community around their interests, we’ve come up with a system designed for tight-knit RF Member groups. Teams are best described as small Divisions, with a Member cap, who all share a similar focus, tasked specifically by the RF Command to carry out a specific area to run the community. In the recent past, Teams were either Division Classification D or a Project Team. As of November 1st, 2021, Teams are now specifically used for project operations.

Unlike RF Divisions, Teams operate through the RF main hub server. 

Current RF Team List [Updated 12/26/21]

  • Olympia | Project-Based | Assigned: Operation Homebase | Reports to RF Command
    • Description: Team Olympia was created by RF Command to effectively run the Rebel Federation Hub Discord. They organize and carry out community events, organize and run the RF Twitch Streams, and work to build RF as a community from the ground up. They additionally redeployed and now staff the RF Website and Blog.
  • Aoede | Project-Based | Assigned: Podcast & Audio | Reports to Team Olympia
    • Description: Team Aoede runs the RF Weekly Podcast, assists in posting refined videos from the Twitch to the RF YouTube, and additionally edit anything audio-related. Historically, they were the first group of RF Members to operate as a project team and defined the way they are organized today.
  • Mythos | Project-Based | Assigned: RF Blog Support | Reports to Team Olympia
    • Description: Team Mythos is RF’s writer team. Mythos is assigned to writing blog posts for the greater RF, including the main RF Blog and Division blogs.
  • Tartaros | Project-Based | Assigned: Classified | Reports to Team Olympia
    • Description: Team Tartaros is RF’s Programming team. They work on maintaining our Discord bots network-wide, and also on other RF assets related to our website and division blogs. This team is also a great resource for RF Members to learn how to code.
  • Apollo | Project-Based | Assigned: RF Graphics Support | Reports to Team Olympia
    • Description: Team Apollo is RF’s Art & Graphics team. Working diligently with Team Mythos, they aim to make RF look great.

Team Structure

Teams are led by 1 or 2 Team Captains. All Team Members are collectively the same community rank but are assigned to specific Teams, which are then specialized at the discretion of the Team. In project Teams, tasks are assigned while projects are ongoing based on the Team Member’s skill or contribution to the project. Teams are a great way for RF Members to get more involved in the RF Command structure and are the main entry point for new Staff.

Team Captains and Division Leaders are essentially the same positions in where they place hierarchically within the RF Command. They only differ in what they do. Divisions are more about creating an experience for many RF Members while Project Teams focus on facilitating RF as a whole. Team Members are also more dedicated to the organization than an average Member who makes up the majority of a Division’s userbase. Team Captains can also go on to become RF Administrators.

Team names are pulled from the Greek alphabet and Greek terms. New teams can pick their own name from this theme.

Team Reporting Requirements

Teams are required to complete a monthly report on their activities, either through a form or through a monthly check-in done by one of the Team Captains with RF Command. Team reporting helps RF Command determines proper resources and support allocated to a Team’s operation. This also allows a chance for Team Captains to request further assistance or assets, such as graphics and Twitch channel appearances.

If a Team Captain fails to report in, the Team’s status is reevaluated.