About Teams

The Rebel Federation brands itself as a gaming community because it is a combination of several different gaming teams working together to achieve an overarching goal. Each gaming team is run by its own leaders and has its own members, but many members of the Rebel Federation will find themselves meeting a lot of familiar faces upon joining new teams if they desire to do so.

Team Classification

Teams are defined as groups of members aiming to achieve an objective in a game. Teams typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Teams where the objective of the team is predefined by the game being played.
    • These types of teams typically have a more professional atmosphere.
  • Teams where the objective of the team is defined by the team leaders.
    • These types of teams typically have a more recreational atmosphere.

The other key difference is the size of a team. As teams in the Rebel Federation grow, they will be categorized under different tiers and be given different tools and resources to help the team leaders run their teams in the most efficient way possible. For more information on those classes and the benefits the teams will receive in those classes, see the table below. (Numbers are trial and error, and are subject to change).

500+SServerCustom (≤ 20)Subdomain
100+AServerCustom (≤ 10)Team Page
Team Page
Team Page

Note: Although the tier list begins at 10+ members, there is no requirement for how many members you must have to register as an RF team. However, teams with less than 10 members will not receive a channel on our Discord server. Team leaders are advised to implement Discord group messaging in order to communicate more effectively until they reach tier C.

In addition to team-wide benefits, users within the team will receive individual benefits in the Rebel Federation as a whole. As the team grows, the members of the team will require more permissions to run the team efficiently, as well as to better represent their accomplishments.

Team LeaderRF AdministratorRF ManagerRF ModeratorRF Member
Team Co-LeaderRF ManagerRF ModeratorRF MemberN/A
Team OfficerRF ModeratorRF ModeratorRF MemberRF Member
Team MemberRF MemberRF MemberRF MemberRF Member

Joining a Team

Before joining any teams in the Rebel Federation you must register as a member on the website, which can be done by visiting our registration page here. Once you’ve done that, you can navigate to the Teams page, or to a division’s website, where you can apply to join the teams you’re interested in.

Starting a Team

Teams can be started by any member of the Rebel Federation. Our website gives all registered users the option to kick-start their team directly from the Teams page. If the game you are creating a team for has in-game team functionality, the team must be named “Rebel Federation” unless otherwise approved by Administration (or “RebelFederation”, since some games have a 15 character limit for team names).

RF’s Continuing Mission

The Rebel Federation’s purpose is to bring people together and facilitate competitive and recreational gaming for all. When RF started in May 2007 (originally branded as “RPF”), it was in the name of beating a rivaling team who abused the game we were on. Today, we continue that mission to “Fight the Good Fight” by making the games we play a better place for the communities they are home to. As a member of an RF team, we all set out with these shared values. It’s imperative that in joining us you represent these values and work to make the Rebel Federation a force for good, as well as a home to all of its members. 

There may be times when all teams of the Rebel Federation work together to achieve certain goals. By coming together, we’ll be able to conquer any task, rivaling competition, or threat to our users, as we have done now together for over 12 years.