What is an RF Division? 

The Rebel Federation is called a Federation for a reason. Federations are typically a form of government. In our context, we’re an organization with smaller divisions that have internal autonomy, where they have come together to form a whole through teamwork. RF’s Divisions are different parts of the RF who all play on a similar video game or game on a similar platform, and are organized by holding weekly group events and practices.

Unlike RF Teams, Divisions typically have a player base of 25+ active members, and need at least that many to get started. 

Current RF Division List [Updated 12/1/2020]:

Our most successful division is surprising: It’s people who play Club Penguin together. They hold a number of weekly events and share tips and tricks about the game to a pretty massive audience. Another successful division is currently Minecraft, where they play on a public server together. RF Switch is an example of a platform division, formed in 2018 for Switch players on Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros.

The RF in the last year has had roughly 10 or so divisions, coming and going, trying out different games and interests together. Not all divisions stay active forever, but just as many new ones are being organized by RF Members just like you.

Division Structure

Divisions usually are free to build the structure that works best for them. Divisions often have their own rank structure. In the broader RF community, Divisions are lead by Division Leaders, which is a community rank above RF Member. These Division Leaders are usually the Members who start the Division or were elected by the Division’s leadership to serve that position. They are responsible for exactly what the name describes, leading the division and making sure it’s active for members involved. It’s a community leadership opportunity. Successful Division Leaders often go on to become RF Administrators and lifetime members of the Rebel Federation.

Divisions, when they start, are given a channel on the Hub Discord to help build interest and visibility among RF members. As the division grows, its own Discord is set up, and eventually a blog that can be used to post information and updates.

Divisions who have a Discord also typically own their own Discord, there’s no requirement to give up the keys– we consider RF a community effort. Hub Command supports Division Discords through maintenance, role set up, graphics set up, and bot setup– we even have our own bots that can be configured to help!

Division Types and Hub Command Support

As an RF Division grows, so does the support from RF’s Hub Command. Divisions that continuously grow and become more popular have Discords set up for them, and then eventually receive a blog on the RF site. For example, Minecraft’s site is Minecraft.RebelFederation.com. Divisions must continuously meet requirements to access higher tiers of support, such as ensuring their community meets our community standards’, is active, and has a responsible leadership team.

Division Class Dedicated Discord + Staff Roles Graphics + Donation Support Dedicated Website Support
A | 1000+ Members
B | 500+ Members
C  [New] | 100+ Members


Division Reporting Requirements

Divisions are required to create a monthly report on their activities, submitted by one of the Division Leaders. It’s a simple questionnaire that allows RF’s Hub Command to determine the proper resources that should be allocated to the division, what tier the division is, and also allows a chance for Division Leaders to request further assistance or assets– such as graphics and Twitch channel appearances.

If a Division report is not received soon after the report opens, the Division’s status is reevaluated.

Create a New Division

Are you ready to become a community leader? Let’s be frank, Divisions are hard work. You’re in for it. But it takes a lot to become an RF wide legend, and you already know that. Below is a link that will set you on your path forward to becoming a Division Leader. This application will allow you to apply for Division status, but first, you must meet a few requirements.

  1. Have at least 100 RF Members who are willing to join, or already have joined your cause.
  2. Have a 100+ member Discord that meets our Community Standards.
  3. Have a dedicated leadership team, destined to become Division Leaders.

It’s also suggested that you’re playing a popular game that’s accessible to as many RF members as possible! Don’t have 100 members yet? Maybe you’re better equipped to be an RF Team for now.