Our Structure

The Rebel Federation is held together in total by its community organization effort, part of which is a central “Hub” Command that directs the organization. This Command is made up of Division Leaders, Team Captains, and the community Administrators and Advisors, comprising our oldest and most dedicated veteran RF members. This command is centralized on the Hub Discord, the main Discord for all of RF. Traditionally, the community has operated as one top-down command, similar to an army. The persistent effort to move the community forward is built from the ideas, the goals, and the work from all of these positions involved— so there’s not really a “Member vs. Staff” dynamic, some members elevate themselves to “staff” by making themselves a team player.

At the very top of this command is the Administrator Team. The Administrators are some of the eldest, most seasoned members of our organization and work diligently to facilitate RF and blaze a path forward. They make decisions for all of RF with the blessing of the Division Leaders and Team Captains. The Administrator team is headed by RF Creator, Commando717.

Another notable dynamic of how the central Hub Command carries out its objectives other than helping direct Divisions and Teams—Divisions and Teams are very autonomous, so Hub Command will assign project teams to run RF by assigning people to specific tasks, such as operating a Discord, a social media channel, or even having teams help organize the community with admin level clearance. A good example of one of these teams is Team Olympia, which was organized to run the Hub Discord. In Olympia’s case, its Team Members are now part of the Hub Command.

Rank Hierarchy

Positions that compose RF Command:

  • Administrator
  • Advisor 
  • Division Leader
  • Team Captain

Non-Command [Unless assigned otherwise]

  • Team Member
  • Member [General Member Population Here]
  • New Member

This simple list is good at showing who the RF Command actually is, and who we’re referring to when the term is used. It makes up most of the ranked positions since we’re community lead. Higher positions direct lower positions.

This list is also on the Hub Discord.

Organization Terms

You might hear RF Command saying quite a few acronyms and terms. Here’s a list of some of the most frequent ones that show up.

  • RF – Rebel Federation
  • RF Command/Hub Command/Hub – The leadership currently in command of RF
  • HUBCOM – Short for “Hub Command”
  • HCOM – Short for “High Command”, but usually in reference to a Division’s Leadership.
  • Hub Discord – The main RF Discord
  • Hub Site – The main RF Website
  • Div Site – A Division RF Blog
  • CPDIV – Club Penguin Division
  • MCDIV – Minecraft Division
  • Operation– RF Command assigned objectives/project
  • Olympia – Team Olympia
  • Auditore – Team Auditore
  • Mythos – Team Mythos
  • Tartaros – Team Tartaros
  • FTGF – Fight The Good Fight [RF’s Slogan]