Rebel of the Week #74 and #75

Hello RF! Every week we choose somebody who has performed outstandingly in their divisions, has been active in our chat, and has overall been a fantastic example to other members. Unfortunately, last week we messed up and did not release a ROTW, so for this week we’ll have joint Rebel...


People Column: Interview of Popsiclebeak

Welcome to the fourth edition of the People Column of Rebel News Media, where interviews with RF members are published weekly. This week’s interview is with Advisor Popsiclebeak!


Art Column: Featured Artist #4

Welcome to the third edition of the Art Column of Rebel News Media, where pieces of art from RF members are chosen to be featured weekly. Read on to find out who this week’s art feature is! This week’s featured art is from Mishka! Reporters from the art column see...


Introducing: Clans!

This is something I’ve wanted to do since opening the Rebel Federation—and I mean the original Rebel Federation back in July 2017. However, I was never quite sure how to approach doing so given the structure and lack of support that we had. Now I do. What are they? They’re groups...



Hola Rebels! Today the contest team and I are very excited! The day has finally come… for the results of the igloo contest! The winner of the contest this time round will win a big league 5000 rebelcash! The runner up will win a hefty 2000 rebelcash! Finally, the third...


Gaming Column: 20th Anniversary of Super Smash Bros.

NOTE: Gaming posts are usually posted on Saturdays. This post was published on a later date to accommodate the subject being discussed. Welcome to the third edition of the Gaming Column of Rebel News Media, where topics related to gaming are discussed weekly. This week’s topic is about the Super...


Member Ratings Mishap: An Apology from the Administrator

Edit: All changes have been made. If your account was one of those affected by this (see the table below), you most likely lost access to your website account. Please DM me to have your password reset. —Twitchy543 It recently came to the attention of the Administration team that there was something that didn’t quite look right regarding the user ratings. We noticed that there were a lot of very high-level and low-level rankings mixed in with each other, and decided to do some investigating...


Rank Sync Initiative: The Inactive Club

We have become aware of a few stragglers on the Discord that did not get the memo on the last week long rank sync. If you had not had your rank transferred over, comment on THIS post. The window to do this will be exactly seven more days long, and...


Project: Resurgence

Greetings, RF! Firstly, I will give you a brief overview of the performance of the project that we conducted during the first week of January. This project had one objective in mind and that was to reach the recruiting goal of 300 – 500 members. Despite not reaching the goal,...


Rebel Pay Day | Week Two

Welcome to the second ever Rebel Pay Day! For those just joining in, every week RF Members earn 2,000 Rebel Credits for being active in our community. To receive these credits, click the link below. This link will refresh to a confirmation page. If the credits are not yet in...