The Rebel Federation is a gaming community made for players, by players, originally organized in 2007 by a group of kids playing Club Penguin (of all things). The Rebel Federation today has expanded as an all-around gaming community, structurally organized together as a federation of teams and groups on different games. These groups play games together either recreationally or competitively, and members in these divisions rank up in the Rebel Federation by being active and contributing to the team.

How Our Site Works

When you sign up on our site, you get your own personal account with a public profile. As a Rebel Federation Member, you have access to joining one of our Divisions or Clans, all available on our hub Discord server, which links to the rest.

Game Divisions

As we grow in size, and come into contact with users who all have similar games, RF facilitates the development of game Divisions that act as a subsection of users on our website who all own the same game. So for example, if a lot of users all had League of Legends, a League of Legends Division could be formed, with an adjacent website created at Divisions operate with a leadership, lead by community Directors and Managers, who determine an organizational structure similar to a roster or a team.  This makes it so the team can properly carry out objectives and training for, in League of Legend’s case, winning games competitively. Divisions for recreational playing can also be formed, Minecraft would be a good example of a recreational division.

More information about how R.F. is structured is available on this page.