Pink Reviews Rhythm Games

Heyo, y’all. You might be looking at the title and wondering why I’m posting something so off-brand. Simply put, I am unhinged. Before we get into the review portions of this article, I would just like to remind everyone that opinions are subjective. What I might like, y’all might despise...


Education During COVID-19

A few months ago, some of you may remember Google Form going around. In this form, I asked you all to answer some questions about how your schools were handling the COVID-19 pandemic as we entered the new school year. I meant to publish this article a while ago once...


Mobile Device Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before we begin, I ask you to check the screen time you have spent on your mobile phone/device (directions: Look at the hours. Are you surprised? It’s much higher than you may have thought before, isn’t it? What about the apps you’ve been using? How much time does it...