Monster Mashup Contest Winners

In the month of October, members of the RF discord server and its various divisions and teams’ server would have noticed some changes. To celebrate Halloween, channel names were changed to match the theme. Furthermore, to celebrate this spooky season, we organised a Monster Mashup contest. We asked members across...


You Seminar Contest Winners

You Seminar Contest Winners For the month of June, we asked members across all of the divisions to send us a piece of art, video, writing, etc to showcase what they are proud of. Thank you to the Disney, Art, Music, Literature divisions for hosting, and thank you to everyone...


Dear Debby #4

Dear Debby, How would you handle finance? Sincerely, Robin D. Bank   Dear Robin D. Bank,      Judging by your name, it sounds like you have recently acquired a decent sum of money.  Congratulations and great job on taking the first step in good financial planning: asking for help.      I am...