Make A Wish – A Short Story

Make a Wish     Splish.     I watch the coin slowly sink to the bottom of the fountain. Its silver colour seems to fit in beautifully with different shades of blue tiles. I wonder what the young woman wished for. She looks at it for a moment, then leaves.  That’s what normally...


Dear Debby #7

Dear Debby,  I’m constantly compared to my siblings and it gets so tiring. I always feel so unmotivated because anything I do is not enough. What should I do? Sincerely, I wish I was an only child. Dear I wish I was an only child, I, too, am not an...


Traditions in Tarot

Myths and Traditions in Tarot      The popularity of astrology seems to be increasing every year and those who consider themselves to be experts are able to share their knowledge. Information about astrology can be found almost anywhere. However, when it comes to Tarot reading there is much less information available....