You Seminar Contest Winners

You Seminar Contest Winners For the month of June, we asked members across all of the divisions to send us a piece of art, video, writing, etc to showcase what they are proud of. Thank you to the Disney, Art, Music, Literature divisions for hosting, and thank you to everyone...


How to Find your Rhythm

How To Find Your Rhythm Or, alternatively: Tips and Tricks for Beginners in the Rhythm Game Genre As I prepare for the second part of my rhythm game review-based series of articles, I find myself frequently visiting YouTube to preview games before I decide to download and review them. Many...


Pink Reviews Rhythm Games

Heyo, y’all. You might be looking at the title and wondering why I’m posting something so off-brand. Simply put, I am unhinged. Before we get into the review portions of this article, I would just like to remind everyone that opinions are subjective. What I might like, y’all might despise...