Who is Sisyphus and why is he important?

Who is Sisyphus and why is he important?      Greek or Classical Mythology is very prevalent in modern society, many TV shows, books, and movies use the stories for inspiration.  The story of Sisyphus may not be recognized by many but its themes are still important.  This essay will explain the...


What Are Tropes?

What Are Tropes? Do you ever start watching a movie or reading a book and get a weird sense of deja-vu? Like you’ve seen something like it before? I’m not talking mistaking one actor for another, or cheap spin-offs that change one thing about the original and call it a...


Dear Debby #4

Dear Debby, How would you handle finance? Sincerely, Robin D. Bank   Dear Robin D. Bank,      Judging by your name, it sounds like you have recently acquired a decent sum of money.  Congratulations and great job on taking the first step in good financial planning: asking for help.      I am...