Author: Twitchy543


Rebel Pay Day | Week Six

Welcome to Rebel Pay Day Week #6! For those just joining in, every week RF Members earn 100 Rebel Credits for being active in our community. To receive these credits, click the link below. This link will refresh to a confirmation page. If the credits are not yet in your...


Hall of Fame (Re)Construction

As some of you know, the Rebel Federation has historically featured a Hall of Fame. Originally, this Hall of Fame was only used in one of the divisions (cough), but with the expansion to a multi-division organization, I’ve been meaning to remodel the Hall of Fame to accommodate for those changes, but...


Rebel Federation Giveaway #2

As we move forward, we will be holding more and more giveaways. Our last giveaway gave contestants the eligibility to win one month of Discord Nitro. This week, we’re going to be expanding on that.


Introducing: Clans!

This is something I’ve wanted to do since opening the Rebel Federation—and I mean the original Rebel Federation back in July 2017. However, I was never quite sure how to approach doing so given the structure and lack of support that we had. Now I do. What are they? They’re groups...


Member Ratings Mishap: An Apology from the Administrator

Edit: All changes have been made. If your account was one of those affected by this (see the table below), you most likely lost access to your website account. Please DM me to have your password reset. —Twitchy543 It recently came to the attention of the Administration team that there was something that didn’t quite look right regarding the user ratings. We noticed that there were a lot of very high-level and low-level rankings mixed in with each other, and decided to do some investigating...