It’s time we pulled the curtains and showed you all what’s been going on behind the scenes. The Rebel Federation Administration is proud to announce that Operations Homebase and Endurance are now declassified.

Declassified: Operations Homebase & Endurance

Before explaining all the changes, let’s provide some background information. The Rebel Federation’s center of operations is our Hub Discord server, through which we host Community Events and Members join Divisions. The Hub is staffed by a collection of positions known as the RF Command.

Initially, the Command consisted only of Administrators, Advisors, and Division Staff. Division Leaders and their staff members assisted in Hub and Federation management while overseeing their respective Divisions. However, as Divisions expanded, their focus shifted away from Hub operations, leading to a decline in activity. The need for a dedicated Hub staff became increasingly clear.

Operation Homebase 🏠

In April 2020, Commando introduced “Operation Homebase” (also known as the Teams Program) aiming to revitalize the Hub. RF Administration initiated Homebase by reassigning Division Staff from the Command, recognizing their primary focus on Division management.

Division Leaders retained their Command-level position, while other staff were integrated into Member-level ranks. “RF Teams” were introduced, with Captains and select Team Members filling the vacancy left by Division Staff. These project-based groups utilized members’ skills to manage specific aspects of the Federation.

Team Olympia

The first Team created was Olympia, which specialized in Management and Leadership. Founded and captained by Commando, Team Olympia served as an archetype for the Federation’s future Teams, exemplifying how they might look. At first, they assisted with almost everything related to running the Federation. This included updating the Blog and Event Schedule, along with organizing and hosting Community Events and Podcast episodes. Members of Olympia would rank in the Command above Division Leaders.

Other Teams

Throughout Operation Homebase, new Teams emerged to take over some of these roles. Team Auditore (later Team Aoede) took over the Podcast, while Mythos would the Blog. This allowed Olympia to further concentrate their focus on the Hub.

Captains of these new Teams ranked equally with Division Leaders, with Team Members ranking immediately below them and listing as “Non-Command Ranks”. By this point, the RF Command consisted of Administrators, Advisors, Team Olympia, Division Leaders, and Team Captains. This restructuring led to a Command dedicated to promoting the enrichment of the Hub.

Olympia hosted a variety of Community Events and Collaboration Events between Divisions, while other Teams continued supporting the Federation in their applicable ways. The Rebel Federation saw the most growth and activity during this period.

Of course, this wouldn’t last forever.

Operation Endurance 🏰

Some of the expansion RF saw in 2020 should be credited to COVID-19 lockdowns. And while RF has found international quarantines to be beneficial for its activity, those quarantines have since been lifted. Members of the Federation—those in its Command not withheld—returned to daily life, spending less and less time online at home.

By early 2023, activity and growth had seen a sharp decline. Some Divisions began disaffiliating from the Federation in response, and with Olympia having fallen to only two Members, Community Events ran to a standstill.

Three years later, in April 2023, RF Administration launched Operation Endurance. Endurance would focus on restoring and centralizing RF activities around the Hub, along with increasing collaboration between Divisions. To complete this operation, they needed to meet three objectives.

Objective I: Restoring Team Olympia

The first objective of Operation Endurance was to restore Team Olympia to its former glory. If Operation Homebase were to be any indicator, it was that having a dedicated Command to focus on the Hub was crucial for it to remain active. RF Administration hired new Olympia Members and began holding weekly meetings to discuss priorities and goals within the Federation.

Community Events saw a comeback with the onboarding of new Olympia Members, notably Twitch streams, Movie Nights, and Game Nights. Olympia is making a continued effort to bring more Community Events to our schedule, including collaborative events between Divisions.

Objective II: Uniting the Divisions of the Federation

The next objective of Endurance is to unite our Divisions. The Rebel Federation held its first Federation Leadership Summit on January 27th. There, Administration agreed to work more closely with Division Leaders to achieve better communication and support. Division Leaders also voted to hold a Summit every 3 months going forward, further increasing communication between themselves and the RF Command.

Promotional banner for Federation Leadership Summit 1
Promotional banner for FLS1

Some Divisions agreed to reorganize under other existing ones. More information on this will be available once Division Leaders have finalized their discussions. Upon doing so, Team Olympia will proceed with scheduling collaborative events between Divisions to take place on the Hub server.

Objective III: Constructing a Vibrant Hub

Speaking of the Hub! This objective was meant to be met alongside the fulfillment of the previous one: if the Hub itself is not active, it won’t be able to effectively direct new members to its Divisions.

To begin this objective, the Administration Team reconfigured the Discord server to be more welcoming to New Members. Olympia then began posting a Weekly Announcement detailing activities and events that had taken place throughout. As previously mentioned, Olympia resumed scheduling Community Events regularly each week, or every other week, as well.

Additionally, a new RF Team—Team Iris—was created to focus on Member Engagement and Community Outreach. This Team is responsible for developing strategies to recruit new members, welcoming them to the Hub, and brainstorming ideas to keep them interested in our community.

Finally, Teams are in the process of being reorganized to better fulfill their purpose of serving the Federation at large. Aoede has recently expanded to include staffing RF’s Twitch channel alongside running The Good Fight Podcast, while Mythos is focusing more on content relating to RF and its current events.

Some Teams and Divisions are still in the process of restructuring. Upon doing so, the RF Command will reopen the Division and Team Application processes.

In Review

Reflecting on the paths we’ve traveled through Operations Homebase and Endurance, it’s clear that RF has come a long way. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Teams, the Hub has seen improvements and is on the path towards becoming an epicenter of activity.

Operation Homebase kick-started a wave of positive change, bringing our community closer together and sparking new ideas and initiatives. With everyone pitching in, the RF Command has been able to steer us toward growth and success.

Operation Endurance, launched in response to evolving challenges, aims to restore and centralize RF activities around the Hub while increasing collaboration among Divisions. Though ongoing, this operation reflects our commitment to unity and adaptability, ensuring that the Rebel Federation continues to evolve and thrive.

As we look to the future, one thing remains certain: the Rebel Federation is resilient and united. Despite the challenges we’ve faced and those that lie ahead, our commitment to overcoming those obstacles remains unwavering.

The Rebel Federation’s unique Command structure sets us apart from other online communities. While this uniqueness has brought many benefits, it also means that we sometimes encounter challenges for which there are no existing solutions to draw from. However, our innovative spirit and collaborative approach enable us to face these challenges head-on and find creative solutions.

With each challenge we overcome, we grow stronger and more resilient, ready to embrace whatever the future holds for our community. Surely, down the road, we’ll encounter new challenges that we’ll have to confront blindly. But as we’ve done before, we’ll face them head-on, and overcome them all the same.

And then we’ll see what’s next.

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