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Years Badge Reveal

Years In RF Badge Presenting, the Years Badge. This badge is earned over the long haul. It’s reserved for our most resilient long term members who have been here during some of our greatest moments, and they’ve probably been responsible for some of them. This badge is different than the...


Recruiter Badge Reveal

The Recruiter Series Leftover from the Rebel Credit system we previously used, I’m sure you probably remember that referral link all accounts got that allowed you to receive credits for members who signed up with it. Well, that function has been revived! But this time, it adds a tally towards...


Now Deploying: Teams

  We’ve been hard at work dusting off the site and putting it back together with some functions to help assist our growing community in what we’re calling The July Update. One of our biggest components that we’re happy to unveil is Teams. This year, we set off on adventures...