Over its illustrious history, the Rebel Federation has had a variety of divisions for its members to join. From its largest divisions to its smallest, there is a place in the Federation for everyone. One of the major strengths of the Rebel Federation is that any member, with enough skill and hard work, can become either a Team Captain or Division Leader. It is also a fact that divisions don’t stay active forever. With that in mind, ‹RF› Team Olympia put together Blast into the Past Week. Blast into the Past Week would serve as a way for newer Rebel Federation members and nostalgic older members to get a taste of old divisions. Blast into the Past Week included events in Box Critters, Tetris, Nintendo Switch, Anime, Pokemon, Rocket League, and Transformice. With that in mind, let’s get into a recap of Blast into the Past Week!

Monday – Box Critters


Box Critters

On Monday, the main hub hosted a Box Critters event. Box Critters is an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) similar to Club Penguin. The Rebel Critter Federation started in late 2019, and had a devoted member base. In 2020, the Rebel Critter Federation served as an army similar to the Rebel Penguin Federation, albeit on a much smaller scale. The Rebel Critter Federation shut down on February 7th, 2021 with a max of 34 critters at their final event.

Tuesday – Tetris

On Tuesday, the main hub hosted a Tetris event. Tetris is a timeless game, having sold 100 million copies over its lifetime. The Rebel Tetris Federation was founded in early August of 2020, and served as the Federation’s one stop shop for everything Tetris! 

Tetr.io Event

Wednesday – Mario Kart

On Wednesday, the main hub hosted a Mario Kart event. This event was hosted in memory of Switch Gang, one of the Federation’s platform-based divisions. The Switch Gang discord server was created in late 2019 and had everything a Switch owner could ever want. Name a game, and someone in Switch Gang probably played it. There were groups for Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2. At the end of the Mario Kart event, Vinayak took home the win and the Grand Prix role.

Mario Kart event

Thursday – Naruto

On Thursday, main hub hosted a Naruto: Shippuden movie watch party. This event was held for the former Team Dionysus. Team Dionysus, also known as Rebel Host Club or Rebel Animaniacs’ Wonderful Resort, was the Rebel Federation’s anime team. Team Dionysus held a variety of events, from Stand Creations to anime watch parties. 

Saturday – Pokemon and Rocket League

Saturday was a busy day for the Rebel Federation, with two Blast into the Past events. On the Rebel Federation Twitch, streamers Skully, Vinayak, and Cuddles hosted a Rocket League stream in memoriam of our Rocket League division. Later on in the day, Team Olympia hosted a “Who’s That Pokemon” event in the main hub. Team Athena, the Pokemon team, was founded in April 2021, and held many Pokemon-themed events.  


Screencap from the Rocket League stream

Sunday – Transformice

On Sunday, former Transformice and current Star Wars division leader Demsabres_Uchiha hosted a Transformice TDM event in the main hub. Transformice is a game where mice work together to gather and bring back cheese before time runs out. The Rebel Federation’s Transformice division is one of the Federation’s older divisions, going back to early 2019. The division served as a chat-based division, and fizzled out when the Federation transitioned to every division having its respective Discord server. 


In the writing of this blog post, Team Mythos was able to interview ‹RF› Team Olympia member Cuddles, who played a major part in the planning of Blast into the Past week.


First and foremost, are you satisfied with how the week turned out?


“Assuming people were happy with the events and it brought back some hopefully happy memories then yeah.”


What would you say was your favorite event?


“Very biased cuz I streamed it but rocket league, it was just chaos the whole time”


Are there any plans to have a themed week like this again in the main hub?


“I don’t see why not, if people enjoy them and they help people get involved in our community then it doesn’t hurt”

Blast into the Past week was a roaring success for the Rebel Federation. It helped bring back good memories for older members and show new members older divisions. Blast into the Past Week brought activity to the main hub and put more Rebel Cash into the economy. We are excited to see what Team Olympia cooks up for the future!


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