The Rebel Federation has been around for many years, and we have numerous Teams and their members who work to support RF to thank for the growing success of the community.

What are Teams you may ask? Well, according to the RF website, “Teams are best described as small Divisions, with a Member cap, who all share a similar focus, tasked specifically by the RF Command to carry out a specific area to run the community.”

Currently, the Rebel Federation has five Teams that offer a wide range of services and work to ensure the community is supported, growing, and maintained for future generations to come.

If you’re interested in what these Teams are and what they do, check out this page on the website. If you’re interested in the history of these Teams, check out Jacquardio’s post on the Blog here.

Now you’re probably wondering what this blog post is about now that I’ve linked websites that explain what the Teams are and what their history is. Well, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Team Member, what a Team Member does, or even what it takes to be one? If you have, then you’re in luck and if you haven’t, I suggest you keep reading anyway, you might find something you’re interested in.

I spoke to the different members of the teams, ranging from various positions and different skill sets. Here’s what they have to say about their respective teams.

What is it like to be a Team Member?

Note that some answers were paraphrased and/or edited for clarity. 

Team Olympia

  • Jillmothy, Olympia Member & RF Administrator
  • Twitchy, Olympia Member & RF Administrator

Mythos: As an RF Administrator, what do you think it takes to become Olympia?

Jillmothy: A lot of hard work, dedication, and desire to help the community as a whole, not just one division. Proven teamwork and leadership skills are also a must. In most cases, you must lead or have led a Division or Team in the past. This Team isn’t easy to get on but it is possible after time and proven ability.

Twitchy: I primarily look at leadership & communication ability along with the actual desire to do the work involved.

Mythos: What do you look for in members when choosing members for the team?

Jillmothy: Proven track record or being a good leader, team member, easy to get along with. Personality is a big factor but you also have to be dedicated to RF and have enough time to be on the team. It’s a lot of responsibility so we can’t give it to just anyone.

Twitchy: Generally everything listed above, plus whether they have room for it in their schedule. Sometimes people would rather focus on schoolwork or a specific division, which is fair. Communication is pretty important for Olympia, since working with other division leaders, team captains, and RF admins is part of the job, so that’s something someone would have to be comfortable with. Good organization skills are another benefit since Olympia oversees a lot of scheduling and special events.

Mythos: What sets Team Olympia apart from other teams?

Jillmothy: It’s not a Team you can apply for and it’s the most time-consuming. It also is the hardest to get on and it carries a lot of trust and responsibility.

Twitchy:You can apply to join any Team in RF provided you have the skills they’re looking for, except Olympia. Members of Team Olympia are hand-selected by RF Administration & verified through Team Olympia themselves.

Mythos: Does being on Team Olympia require a specific or special skill set?

Jillmothy: Not really. Anyone can have the potential to be Olympia. It’s like stated before, you just have proven leadership and team-working abilities.

Twitchy: Not really. Members of Team Olympia tend to come from a variety of different Teams/Divisions within RF, so everyone has their own different skill sets that sort of integrates together to manage everything.

Mythos: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get involved but isn’t sure where to start?

Jillmothy: Start by joining a Team in the Hub or as staff in a Division and make your way from there.”

Twitchy: We have plenty of Divisions, both small and large, each with their own slightly different communities. So I like to think there’s a place for everyone here if you look long enough. If you have the skills to join a Team, apply for it! If there’s a game or interest you want a division for but don’t see, you can start your own!

Team Tartaros

  • F6sixer, Tartaros Captain

Mythos: What are the main responsibilities of Team Tartaros?

F6sixer: Developing and maintaining computational assets of RF and its Divisions.

Mythos: What are the requirements to join Team Tartaros?

F6: Strong background in code development specifically in JavaScript (asynchronous IO, data structures, traversal algorithms). Familiarity with Git and Linux is needed as well. Knowledge of SQL, REST, graphQL, Web Sockets, and Discord’s API is desirable.

Mythos: Are there any resources or advice that you can share for people interested in joining Tartaros?

F6: Programming with Mosh is a good place to start. Start by making simple apps and try to write your own code while following along with a tutorial is good. It is very important to understand the underlying concepts so that you can use and/or extend them for your own projects.

Mythos: Do you have any exciting projects/ideas that might get people interested in joining? 

F6: Currently, the only project I’m actively working on is Rebel Bot. It’s in a relatively advanced state of development and I’m integrating Discord’s new v9 API features such as slash commands and buttons into its current framework. If you’re interested in making fun projects, you can try making your own website via an npm package like React. It will help you understand a lot of the underlying concepts of JavaScript. Alternatively, you can try making your own Discord bot via libraries like discord.js by following this step-by-step guide.

Team Aoede

  • Jillmothy, Team Aoede Captain

Mythos: What are the main responsibilities of Team Aoede?

“Team Aoede is responsible for The Good Fight Podcast™️. We are responsible for all aspects of it from ideas, writing, performing, recording, and later editing, publishing and graphics. Publishing is mostly me though as I’ve been running the RF YouTube for just under a year now.”

Mythos: How does the team produce The Good Fight™ Podcast?

“We basically steal ideas from the suggestion box or cover an RF team or div.  We vote on two choices and then go from there. We have a script that we write (script is such a loose term, it’s jot notes or just questions) and we decide who is going to do what on the day of. Post-production is where we are not efficient. We are working on that. Hey editors, please apply.”

Mythos: What are the requirements to join Team Aoede?

“That’s the thing. It’s not a lot for most positions. Aoede is a great entry-level team.  Recorders only need to be able to record. Scriptwriter/Researchers need to know how to tell a good source, Hosts need to be able to talk and hold up a conversation, Backstage needs to be able to attend the podcast and be a good listener so they can put the right links in chat at the right time. Editor is the hard one, this one actually requires previous experience and ability in audio editing. Finally, you have to be a good team player, people can’t join the team if someone on the team has a problem with them, personally. It’s a team that works together a lot and having that kind of tension is bad so we avoid that.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?

Insert “Just do it” link by Shia LaBeouf.

“For real though, go for it. It’s worth a shot and for the most part, the skills needed can be taught.”

Mythos: Do you have any exciting projects/ideas that might get people interested in joining? 

“New episodes every other week, but it’s actually chill. Pins are great in the channel and podcast team is fun.”

  • Link3000 | Aoede | Recorder, Host 

Pinkpop | Aoede | Scriptwriter, Backstage 

Mythos: Can you explain what the duties of your roles are?


“As a recorder, I just make sure everything is, well, recorded lol. I just use OBS because it lets me capture both device audio and output audio. And as a host I usually interview whatever guests we have on the podcast, if it’s an informational/educational episode then it’s mainly following the script with all the information and trying to keep it as interesting as possible.”


“As a scriptwriter, I add questions to the script and the hosts ask those questions during the podcast episodes. It’s actually a fun task to come up with questions that you think will be relevant or interesting; you can put anything that comes to your mind in the script. I’ve also done backstage a few times, which is when you send any necessary links in chat during the podcast, which is ‘backstage’ work to support the podcast. There’s varied work you can do (recording, hosting etc.) and no huge boundaries between them; once you’re in the team there’s a lot of flexibility to try what you want to. Also as a member of the team, you get to be part of the discussions of what topics to have on the podcasts.”

Mythos: Do you find Team Aoede to be time-consuming or stressful?


“Time-consuming not at all, since, due to my roles I only have to be active during podcasts (aka i don’t have to write scripts or research beforehand etc). As for stressful, it can be stressful hosting especially if I’m on my own or with a topic I’m not familiar with. I’m not someone who enjoys public speaking and I get anxious in these situations tbh. Hosting was not something I necessarily planned to do. With that being said, there are episodes and guests and ofc my co-hosts who can make it enjoyable.”


“Being a member I would say is not stressful or time-consuming at all. You can work at your own pace, and contribute whenever you’re free to.”

Mythos: Do you feel like Team Aoede requires a particular skill set in order to join/be a member? 


“Only when it comes to editing but that is easy to learn since it only involves simple trimming and maybe some overlays. When I joined as a recorder, I had no prior experience. Literally, I was listening to a podcast where Jill mentioned needing recorders because they didn’t have any, or their programs don’t work. I did a simple google search, found OBS, downloaded it, tested it, and sent test audio from that podcast to Jill afterward. And they asked me to join.”


“The skills that go into being a scriptwriter is just coming up with questions, and doing any research necessary for that. If you’re interested in the work I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with creative questions.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?


It really isn’t that much work and it doesn’t consume too much of your time. If you are looking for a more involved job like researching or scriptwriting then it’s good to reach out to the team captain to get a grasp of how things work so you can manage your time better. If you’re looking for a host but are unsure, don’t worry because part of the process is that you won’t be given a solo hosting podcast right off the bat, you’ll be hosting with someone experienced. This is just a long-winded way of saying that you can reach out for advice if you are hesitant, but overall, it’s an easy team to be part of, everyone is super nice and will be there to help you if you need.”


“If you’re on the fence about joining the team, I’d advise you to just go for it and try it out! There’s no harm in joining the team and then seeing whether you like it :)”

Team Apollo

Zhark | Apollo | Team Captain

Mythos: What are the main responsibilities of Team Apollo?

“Apollo is in charge of making graphics for main hub, divisions, teams, and general events.”

Mythos: What are the requirements to join Team Apollo?

“Apollo members could ideally have access to or experience with graphics programs like Photoshop (although there are plenty of solid alternatives) but at the very least enthusiasm for making graphics and willingness to learn.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?

“If you’re willing to put in the time and dedication, go for it! And if you’re not totally confident, there’s always room to learn and gain valuable experience on a team.”

Mythos: Do you have any exciting projects/ideas that might get people interested in joining?

“We’re often tasked with server icons and div leaders often give us plenty of creative liberty. Plus we recently finished a request for a map for Draamalof, our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons stream, so we get some big exciting projects!”

Tesaurum | Apollo | Team Member

Princhi | Apollo | Team Member

Mythos: What software or program do you use to complete projects on Apollo? 


“Because I am broke: DaVinci Resolve, GIMP, and Inkscape!”


“Photoshop for the most part, sometimes I use illustrator, but never for the full graphic.”

Mythos: Do you find Team Apollo to be time-consuming or stressful?


“Not at all; so far everyone steps up and does their part when needed.”


“It’s time-consuming to an extent. Like with every other art form, making graphics takes time; how much, depends on the project really. Right now there are enough members on the team to balance the number of requests we get (there’s a list of them pinned and whoever is free will take one on.) Usually, there will be only one person working per project and because requests are never more than a handful pending, there will be periods of time when you just chill. So no, I don’t find being on the team is that time-consuming and for sure not a stressful environment. Having said that, I’m aware that doing anything related to creativity triggers my brain and challenges me more than the average person, so I’d be lying if I said that being on the team doesn’t ever stress me out :’)”

Mythos: Do you feel like Team Apollo requires a particular skill set in order to join/be a member? 


“I believe so, my fellow teammates so far have a good sense of design and detail. Even when an RF logo gif was one frame short, they went out of their way to fix that”


“Not at all. With graphic design you learn as you go: you get an idea and then you find a way to make it happen. The internet is full of resources and you honestly don’t even have to pay to get started. When I joined Apollo I had some basic knowledge on how to use Photoshop and I’ve since managed to expand my *skillset* with every project I’ve worked on. As long as you have some sort of interest in design and are willing to learn, I’d say you’re good to go.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?


“Shoot your shot! I believe RF thrives because everyone works together to produce the best result possible. Team Apollo provides a great opportunity to hone and display your graphics skills. We could always have more unique aesthetic perspectives and interpretations.”


“If you have time to spend on making a graphic here and there, just go for it. If you’re unsure about your skills, there’s always someone that will gladly help you out. The best part of being on a team is that we can all learn from each other :’)”

Team Mythos

Vish | Mythos | Team Captain 

Mythos: What are the main responsibilities of Team Mythos?

“Team Mythos is responsible for creating blog posts for the RF blog. We do sound primarily like a blog for RF but one can make posts about any topic they wish to work upon (as long they’re appropriate).”

Mythos: What are the requirements to join Team Mythos?

“Nothing really. To join Team Mythos all you require is your keyboard! Writing is not something everyone needs to be 100% fluent in to post on the RF blog. Having time to research and write the content, as well as being open-minded to any suggestions which may be offered by fellow writers is all we expect from you.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?

“The best I can say is to write! One may always get some wacky ideas that can genuinely be a spotlight on the blog. But if you do have that idea, just get started with it! Every idea always works out if you are willing to put some time into it, and if you ever get stuck the rest of the team is always there to assist you whenever. Nobody is an expert writer or needs to be one. If you ever feel like you’re down to spend some time, that’s all we need.”

Mythos: Do you have any exciting projects/ideas that might get people interested in joining? 

“We look forward to introducing monthly columns to spotlight our beloved divisions and teams. And I’m sure there can be much you have to share about the divisions you’re in than what we can understand since you’re always more invested than us. If you wish to bring that spotlight to your favourite divisions, you know where to apply!”

Guinz | Mythos | Team Member

Jacquardio| Mythos | Team Member

Mythos: What do you think it takes to be a member of Team Mythos?


“I think first and foremost, a member on Team Mythos should have a passion (or at least not hate) for writing since it’s only fun writing blog posts for the RF community when you’re enjoying it yourself! Other attributes can be cultivated over time or you can tap on the other strengths of fellow Team Mythos members, such as creativity (ideas for new posts so we don’t perhaps get too repetitive) or about your writing skills (we are all here to help each other write better posts).”


“First, and this should kind of go without saying, you should like to write. You are joining a blogging team, so you should like to do what you sign up to do. Second, you should be able to learn and take criticism. One of the best parts of Mythos is that everyone is able to (and does) give constructive feedback on everyone’s post so the best possible blog gets put out. Third, you should be able to stay positive no matter what. Sometimes starting to write a post is tough, but with enough attempts, you can do it. You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

Mythos: Do you find Team Mythos to be time-consuming or stressful?


“Definitely not! While it takes some time to write and perfect a post, I find that I enjoy every moment of it. Personally, I feel it’s worth it to be able to share my writing with the RF community and see people discuss my posts and some even telling me that they have been able to apply some of the tips I shared to their real lives.”


“I do not really find Team Mythos to be time consuming/stressful. I think that writing can actually be a little calming/get me on a productive track”.

Mythos: Do you feel like Team Mythos requires a particular skill set in order to join/be a member? 


“While it’d be great if one is able to write well or have tons of creativity, that’s definitely not a MUST for anyone to join/be a member. I personally feel that if one has a passion for writing, they’d be able to learn to write better or write up creative posts with such a fun team 🤭 (hint: Team Mythos has good vibes, we’re all willing to help each other 💯)”


“I think the only skill(s) you need is to either a) know how to write or b) be willing to learn. You can learn how to write if you’re willing to learn, or you can write if you already know how. Mythos is an excellent place to learn how to write and show your abilities to the Rebel Federation via the blog.”

Mythos: Is there any advice you’d give to someone who’s unsure about joining the Team?


“I’d say, just do it (I mean come join us!!) Everyone starts somewhere and I believe Team Mythos might just be the place for you 😉 Don’t be afraid to approach Team Mythos members to find out more if you have any questions (we don’t bite 🤭) and we definitely hope to see you be a part of us soon! 🤗”


“Just do it. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Personally, the team is an excellent fit for me and I think it’ll be an excellent fit for whoever is considering the team. Feel free to shoot the Mythos captain your application!”


Wow, so you made it to the bottom of the post! That was likely a lot to take in and read so let’s quickly recap the main points of the interviews.

Team Olympia is RF’s staff and support team. This team is different than the rest as it requires the most time and dedication to the community. This is a Team you work towards and can’t apply to join, but it’s not as daunting as it seems. Being active in multiple divisions, showing interest in teams, chatting, sharing your ideas, and contributing to the community are all easy ways members can work towards this role!

Team Tartaros requires extensive knowledge of coding in multiple languages, reading databases, and an understanding of key concepts and Discord API. F6 shares resources to use and a good way to get started with coding. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in joining Team Tartaros.

Team Aoede produces RF’s The Good Fight™ Podcast. No special skills are required with the exception of audio and video editing for the editor position. Depending on your role within the team, you may have a larger commitment to the team but never to the point where it is too stressful or time consuming to handle.

Team Apollo produces RF’s art and graphics for the community. The only real requirement is to have a software or program that allows you to create graphic designs (like Photoshop). The other thing that’s essential when joining the Team is passion and willingness to learn!

Team Mythos is RF’s Blogging team, working to produce new posts for the RF blog. An interest and willingness to learn, as well as a keyboard, are all you need when it comes to joining this Team!

Check out RF’s #get-involved channel here for a brief description of the Teams and what positions are open to join. If none of the Teams interest you, the channel also includes a list of the divisions you can join!

Before I end this blog post, I leave you with this; let the Rebel Federation fuel your passions. 

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