Division Class Updates

9-30-20 As the Rebel Federation continues to add more Discord servers to our network, we need to be able to message community-wide updates that are visible to our network and especially our growing divisions. Typically there’s a severe lack of official messaging done via the RF blog, and there are...


Why Do We Enjoy Horror?

Why do we enjoy horror?       Clammy palms, heart racing, dry throat. Peering into the shadows wondering if what we saw was just a trick of the mind.  Chest tight and of our senses are heightened, hyper-aware of the world around us.      Putting it like that,...


Mobile Device Usage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Before we begin, I ask you to check the screen time you have spent on your mobile phone/device (directions: https://www.guidingtech.com/check-screen-time-different-devices/). Look at the hours. Are you surprised? It’s much higher than you may have thought before, isn’t it? What about the apps you’ve been using? How much time does it...