Teams, teams, teams. Teams, the backbone of the Rebel Federation, play a larger role for the Federation than most think. From Team Aoede’s The Good Fight Podcast to Team Mythos’s Blog posts, Teams put in a lot of work behind the scenes. When the first RF Team—Olympia—debuted in early 2020, Olympia Captain Commando717 described Teams as “a Division without a game.” This was a novel concept and an ambitious project for the Rebel Federation, but it was one that would pay dividends in the long run. As of writing, there have been 18 Teams; with five project-based Teams (Olympia, Aoede, Mythos, Tartaros, Apollo) and 13 other interest-based Teams.

What is an RF Team, anyway?

Olympia Emblem
RF Team Olympia Emblem, made by Administrator Commando717 in early 2020

The first major Team was Team Olympia. Olympia is often considered the most prestigious team due to the privileges that come with the position. Team Olympia and the concept of an RF Team as a whole debuted at a community meeting on May 5th, 2020. Five members made up Team Olympia at its start. Olympia’s first major project was Operation Homebase, which Commando described as “…the revitalization of the RF Hub”. Since early 2020, Team Olympia has undertaken and completed many major projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, Operation Homebase, the redeployment of the blog, and the RF schedule. Olympia is not a Team you can “apply” for in the traditional sense. If you stand out and work hard enough, then Olympia may consider you.

Another RF Team that is not hiring (as of the publishing of this post) is Team Tartaros. Tartaros has also completed many major projects, with the most notable being the new and improved Rebel Bot. On the Teams page, Team Tartaros’ assignment is listed as “Classified”. The requirements for consideration are “very good knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript.”

Now that you know more about the origin of Rebel Federation Teams, you may be wondering: “How do I go about joining a team that is hiring? And WHY exactly should I join one of these teams?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

Team Aoede

Team Aoede takes on all of RF’s audio needs. Formerly known as Team Auditore, Aoede is the first declassified RF project-based team. Team Aoede produces The Good Fight Podcast, the Rebel Federation’s biweekly podcast. Since the birth of Aoede, there have been almost 60 episodes of The Good Fight Podcast. Aoede Captain Moth edits and posts clips from Twitch streams and The Good Fight Podcast to post to the Rebel Federation YouTube channel.

Team Aoede is the largest team, with eleven members and many positions still required. Aoede is currently hiring researchers, backstage folks, audio editors, and recorders. You should join Team Aoede because Aoede is a rare opportunity to put out content to a large, established audience. Hosts can gain hosting experience via The Good Fight Podcast. Audio editors, recorders, and backstage folks have the opportunity to learn from passionate audio creators. Joining Team Aoede will give you the opportunity to find your skills and style while fitting into a larger team.

Apply to Aoede with this link!

Team Mythos

Team Mythos is the Rebel Federation’s Writing Team. Mythos was founded by former RF Administrator Redweeb and current LITDIV Leader Starship. Mythos was originally the Rebel Federation’s Literature Division. When the Literature Division was founded, the most active members received the Mythos role in the Main Hub. When it first opened, the Literature Division Discord server was named “Rebel Federation: Doki Doki Literature Club”. After Mythos upgraded to Division status, the name changed to “The Literature Division for Rebels”, or “TLDR”. TLDR also means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”, and is often put at the end of blog posts as one- or two-sentence summaries.

When Mythos made the jump to Division, the Captains reserved the Mythos role for writers on the RF Blog. The Blog debuted on April 21st, 2020, with a general announcement post written by then-Olympia Captain Commando717. Since then, Team Mythos has pumped out a steady stream of content for the blog. Notable blog content includes Mythos’ two recurring series, “Dear Debby” and “Get Skilled 101”. In “Dear Debby”, Debby answers questions from anonymous RF members. In “Get Skilled 101”, Mythos member Guinz details her process of learning a new skill. Mythos has four members as of the writing of this post and is currently hiring new writers! Joining Team Mythos will give you the tools to hone your writing skills. Mythos will give you a group of skilled writers to honestly critique your work and an audience to showcase your hard work. Team Mythos is currently headed by Team Olympia Captain and Call of Duty: Mobile Division Leader Vish.

Apply to Mythos with this link!

Team Apollo

Team Apollo is the Rebel Federation’s Art Team. Founded by Lance and Mochii, Apollo would start out as a Team, but would eventually make the jump to Division. When Team Apollo made the jump to Division, artists who would create RF graphics would keep the Team Apollo role. Blank Canvas would stay as a more casual art server where members play fun art-related games and show off their art. During their time as a Rebel Federation Team, Apollo has made graphics for many Divisions and even Team Mythos’s Blog posts. Team Apollo has seven members and is currently hiring. Apollo will give you the opportunity to work with skilled artists while improving yourself. Apollo is currently led by Team Olympia member and Blank Canvas leader Zhark and skilled artist Bread.

Apply to Team Apollo by sending a direct message with your best work to captains Zhark (shark-petting-zoo#6389) or Bread (Bread on Toast#8004) on Discord!

Teams play a significant role in the well-being of the Rebel Federation. Teams originated with RF Team Olympia in early 2020. Team Olympia has gone on to become part of HUBCOM, while keeping all other divisions running. Team Tartaros keeps the Rebel Federation’s technology online. Aoede produces invaluable audio content for the Rebel Federation as a whole. Mythos produces excellent blog posts and other written content. Apollo helps the Rebel Federation look professional on the largest stages. Without Teams, the Rebel Federation would not be where we are today.


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