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As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new”. We are now down to our last moments of 2021, a year that may have been better than 2020, but could have been so much more in many ways. In my previous post, I shared about setting goals and preparing for the new year. However, in this post, I’d like to focus on another skill: reflection. Regardless of how 2021 was for you, don’t make the same mistakes you did this year.


—Winston Churchill

In our Rebel Federation (RF) Main Hub, we’ve had a lot of announcements and events taking place throughout the year. Here’s a review of what happened:

By the Numbers

2021 Review By the Numbers

For more on RF’s Teams and Divisions, do check out this link here!

By the Months


Our RF Main Hub got off to a busy start to the year as there were five episodes of The Good Fight Podcast and seven Twitch streams. A new Star Wars Team was introduced on 11th January. On 20th January, a joyous announcement was being made that Rebel Banker has been introduced to the RF Main Hub (as well as Rebels Among Us, now known as Rebels Arcade Ultimate, and in the CODM Division). Furthermore, both the Music Division and Health & Wellness Division (aka Vibe Station) hosted an Open Mic Session and Mindfulness Monday respectively.


There were fewer podcasts and streams during February (just three Podcast episodes and three Twitch streams). 8th February saw the Box Critters Division hosting their final event in our Main Hub, while Vibe Station hosted another Mindfulness Monday session on 9th February. On 10th February, good news came in the form of Red congratulating Jillmothy, Zhark, and Vishal on their induction into Team Olympia.


March was a pretty sad month (not because there were only two podcasts and two Twitch streams). Vibe Station announced their server closing down on 2nd March and less than a week later, on 8th March, Red and Zenith both announced their retirement as RF Administrators. While we were sad to see them go, we wish them all the best in their future endeavors! For the first time, RAU hosted a hide-and-seek event in the RF Main Hub, gathering a lot of curious on-lookers.


April was a quieter month compared to the first quarter of the year. A total of two good fight podcasts were hosted, and three new Teams were introduced. On 7th April, Team Hercules (now known as the Superheroes Division) was first announced. This was followed by the announcement of two more Teams on 8th April—Team Artemis (Webkinz) and Team Glossa (Languages). Shockingly, Steax announced their retirement from Team Olympia on 20th April.


On 6 May, Team Dionysus (Anime) was inducted into the Main Hub. In the same announcement on 6th May, hearty congratulations were given to the TTRPG, Star Wars, and Superheroes Teams on their new Division status. On 8th May, the Rebel Federation was proud to be celebrating its 14th anniversary. We held a “The Good Fight” podcast in celebration of this anniversary milestone and Commando, one of our founding leaders, announced:


Despite only having two podcasts this month, the server saw a flurry of announcements. We saw an introduction of a new Team to the server:  Pokémon! Also, the Rebels Among Us Division rebranded to the Rebels Arcade Ultimate, to include all sorts of .io and arcade games. Pronoun roles were also introduced to the Main Hub server.

There were also many leadership announcements being made in June. Firstly, Red announced Vishal’s promotion to Team Olympia Captain and Casse’s induction as Star Wars Division Leader. Shortly after on the same day, Twitch announces stepping up as an Administrator. Less than a week later on 9th June, Moondog also returns to join as an Administrator.


July was our quietest month of the year. We hosted two podcast episodes and had two divisions host events in our Main Hub. Our first division-hosted event of the month was by Rebels Arcade Ultimate, where they held a Chess Tournament. The Music Division next hosted Rebels Radio in our Main Hub.


Following our quietest month of the year, there were also two podcast episodes hosted this month. The Anime and Superheroes Divisions came together and hosted a trivial event. Changes were also underway as Moondog announced Operation Headway, to improve the server. In line with Operation Headway, Link and Cuddles were the latest additions to Team Olympia, and Jillmothy was promoted to Administrator. Breadboy and Zhark were named as the new captains for Team Apollo.


Guess who’s back? Vibe Station! Also, Twitch streams were resumed (with Draamalof and Fishing being introduced). On 22nd September, Twitchy announced our beloved Rebel Bot going offline; Rebel Banker couped has taken over Rebel Bot’s name and role. Twitchy also announced that we finally have a vanity URL, so make sure you use it when recruiting!


With October being the month of Halloween, the server had a lot of Halloween-themed events, and even the Rebel Bot Shop and Workshop were not spared. There were four “Horror Night” Twitch streams, each being uploaded onto the YouTube channel so you can catch it if you missed it. A surprise “Just Dance” event and movie streaming were held on the server. Two new Teams were introduced: Apex Legends and Environment!


Despite Halloween being over, the “Little Nightmares” Twitch stream continued through November. There was also an “Among Us” Twitch stream as well as a “Jackbox” Twitch stream.

Announcements were also being made regarding the server’s operations. As of 1st November, Teams were redefined as those who were supporting the operations of the Main Hub server, while all other interest groups were referred to as a Division. Previously, an interest group was considered a Team if they had less than a certain number of members. Cuddles also shed light on what our mysterious 5 Teams support around the Main Hub, and called for applications for Team Apollo, Mythos, and Aoede (psst applications are still open if you’re keen!)

The Music Division also spiced things up in the server by hosting a “Masked Singer” edition in our Main Hub. Participants had to record themselves singing a song (or even just a snippet) and animations were added to them for cool effect. At the end, a vote was held to choose winners of various categories. It was definitely well-received and if you missed it, you can watch a replay of the singers here!


And it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas-themed roles were added in our Workshop and Shop (be sure to grab them before they’re gone!) Also, since it’s the season of giving, we had a new channel for free stuff (how great is that)! For the very first time, a new thread was created (Snow-forts) to accommodate the Snowball Bot from Discord in celebration of Snowsgiving.

This year, we wanted to make it cool by having a Christmas Countdown. Many Divisions took part in this countdown by organizing a whole variety of events, from movie streamings to game events to even RF Grammys!

Thank you!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this post! (I know it’s a pretty long read)

Secondly, thank you very very very much for being a part of this awesome community and contributing to it in your own ways! We wouldn’t be here without you (no kidding)!

With this, it’s me, Guinz (on behalf of Team Mythos) signing off and wishing you a Happy New Year! May 2022 be a new year of possibilities, growth, and happiness!

P.S. To be a part of Team Mythos and write cool posts like these, be sure to check out the hiring posts 😉

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