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As the Rebel Federation continues to add more Discord servers to our network, we need to be able to message community-wide updates that are visible to our network and especially to our growing Divisions. Typically, there’s a severe lack of official messaging done via the RF Blog, and there are reasons why we don’t always publish posts here. Discord is typically a much faster mode of communication. Holding a meeting gets the right people in the same room to overview a new update, and even just a Direct Message can quickly get across what we’re working on. But I’d like to work on changing the fact that we don’t also post about updates here so the people who miss out can still get the information.

This update is genuinely important to our network because it affects the future of new Discord servers joining the RF. The Administration Team for some time has been crunching data as we add new servers while paying attention to the health and growth of our current in-network Discords, and due to recent growth, we’ve decided that it’s time to update the definitions for what the specific Division classes are. If you’re unfamiliar with Division Classes, RF categorizes our existing Divisions into one of three Classes. Class C Divisions are any Division that is brand new with a minimum of 25+ members, Class B Divisions have over 100+ members, and for sure, a dedicated Discord, and Class A Divisions have 200+ members and a dedicated website made for them. On October 1st, that’s changing. 

Why are we changing these categories?

Turns out, Divisions blow past the 25-member mark at a breakneck pace. The majority of brand-new Divisions are applying with Discord servers that already have over 100 participants. At the same time, because it’s so easy to hit 25 members, people opt to create a full Division instead of a Team first. Teams are intended to be the trial ground for future Divisions, and Divisions jumping this tier risk fizzling out during the long haul. So in order to put an emphasis on starting a Team first, we obviously only want to approve a Division above 25+ if that Division has the infrastructure to be stable. Also, understandably, most new Divisions are reaching Class A stats faster than RF Command can deploy new websites or produce dedicated graphics.

On October 1st, the new RF Division Classes will be revised to the following levels, and the Division Application updated to reflect this:

Division Class Hub Channel + Staff Roles Dedicated Discord + Graphics Support Dedicated Website Support
A | 1000+ Members
B | 500+ Members
C  [New] | 100+ Members

What does this mean for current Divisions?

For Divisions Applying for Class B perks in the original requirements, we will still honor that classification update on the old system. For Divisions applying only to Class A when they originally met those requirements, unfortunately, will not be approved to properly match what we can do on the RF Command side.

For New Divisions applying, we’d like to remind you that a Team is always suggested to be created first. Teams only require 5+ Members to start, and get 25 special roles to promote your Team on the main Discord– which is a great thing if you’re recruiting for a full Division upgrade! One of the reasons for this change is that we want to emphasize and empower the team format so we can allow more great ideas to be trialed, as divisions should always be the most stable institutions in RF. Learn more about Teams and Apply here.

In October, we will be doing a few new things along with this change. Consider this an introduction. Here’s some of what we have planned:

  • There will be an RF Staff Meeting in the first week of October.
  • There will be an RF Meeting on the Main Discord Server, all Members invited, in mid-October.
  • There will be an RF Division Leader Summit in late October to further promote inter-division strategy and share best practices among our talented leadership team.

Also, look forward to more posts from yours truly.

~ Commando717


Administrator in Chief

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